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Does anybody here play fingerstyle guitar a la Antoine Dufour, Don Ross, etc? I would like to learn some techniques to get all my harmonic slaps to have a consistent sound, and other such tricks.

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@lgbasallote or @Dyiliq would probably be able to help you!
0_0 dude that is friggin epic!
I don't even know what that is but I want to!!

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Other answers:

If you want to know what I mean I can show you a link in chat
sure bro, anything to do with music I want to learn more about it.
@darthsid plays a bit of classical guitar which involves a hefty amount of finger-picking. I've never been very good at it myself, though, so I'll defer to others.
Yes, I played classical for quite a while before learning this style; classical is a bit of a prerequisite for experimental fingerstyle.
I want to learn how to do that 0_0
I saw the link @TuringTest that is really cool! I don't know anything about it though haha post a vid when you get it down! :D
thanks anyway y'all @mattfeury if I post a cover do I have to put a disclamer "I do not own this" etc. ?
...of me playing of course
That is so cool, he uses the guitar in a way that it acts as like a drum based instrument as well as a stringed...
If it's original we don't or if you're the one playing. (as I understand it) If you just put up like that link you did in chat then we'd get in trouble. haha
@TuringTest dude if you could do something similar to this i would be like internet bowing down to you right now! XD
I can play this type of stuff, but it's hard to keep it clean and not let the harmonics get sloppy sometimes. Also playing it s one thing, writing it is what makes these guys brilliant. They have a great understanding of music. I'll post a video of one of my covers of an Andy Mckee song when I get the chance.
I'm so excited! :D
SWEET I wanna hear this! and dude don't wrry bout being clean it's how we all progress through music as a DJ i can admit I CAN COMPLETELY SUCK i mean horrible and it has happened but we learn from our mistakes and trials ^_^
haha thanks ok now I have to figure out where I hid those files.... this could take a while, so don't hold your breath
I guess the easiest way was to put it on youtube... oh well, here it is. tips appreciated!
I sound drunk at the end for some reason...
lol "in my pajamas" That WAS EPIC! OMG I totally loved it!!! Do more. Now -__- :P
The fluidity in which you move your fingers across the strings is awesome. Even the timing of the movements is epic. I mean seriously bro that was EPICNESS!
It was super amazing! Like, my jealousy has been increased by an exponential ton
Now I will go watch it again ;D
I agree! Jealousy right here bro
thank you all, too kind :) now if only I could do it \(clean\) I would be happy
I thoguht it was pretty clean!
Me too! like, really
My spelling isn't clean, THAT WAS CLEAN SIR!
you might not say that if you heard it in person, or compare it with the original still thanks, you guys sure make me wanna go pick up my guitar right now... actually maybe I will =)
Watching your arms/ hands you really do play smoothly *like a boss* make another vid while you're at it! ;D
WHOOO ya make another vid!
I have more already made; that one is from about a year ago. I just need to upload them to youtube, which seems to take a while I'll keep you posted, next one will be "Ebon Coast"
Hurry it up! Why are you still on here ;P
lol :)
Ya go magic man!
*subscribes* :D
Awesome. I've seen a friend play like this before but wasn't sure what the style was called. It sounds like you are in a strange tuning; is that right?
so many mods O.o lol
I used to know how to do this. I'm learning guitar again this summer ;D
I be a piano girl :) lol I really wanted to learn drums but the parents didn't go for it, one day...haha
I be a DJ dude lol
I be a singer
That is very impressive! Andy Mckee comes up with some beautiful songs.
@mattfeury the tuning is DADGAD, which, although not the norm or simple drop D tuning, is still somewhat common for certain kinds of songs (Led Zeppelin's Black Mountain Side for instance) -thanks again sorry I disappeared; power went out
Turing, that is really impressive. Wow!
Thank you Preetha :)
Wow. Awesome stuff man, way to go @TuringTest
Aw jeez, now I'm just getting embarrassed...
will you be more embarrassed if i do this... -(o.O -) |(O.o |) -(o.O -) |(O.o |) -(o.O -) |(O.o |) -(o.O -) |(O.o |)
lol how about some constructive criticism!
thanks though :)
It's really awsome.:)

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