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Got a new remix up, it's a little bit larger than most cuz it's my opener for my gigs. So hope you like it and leave a comment on what you thought. "Cheers"

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Yay a mud- mix<3
Holy crap guys at least wait till i actually post something lol

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Other answers:

=0 he said at hur hur
*does not wait*
*still doesn't wait*
*isnt waiting*
Not waiting. This is for austin for his amazing dancing! >>
I still have another one so please be paitient while I upload it!
Lol no patience! ;)
I think I'm in love<3 VERY talented kind sir.
I was first post!
That was awesome, mud.
I'm in love!
AWESOME MUD!!!!!!!!!!
So yeah I got a present *raspberry*
@jasonsmart What. The..? xD
thats should be a drop
idk i dun gone insane
That's for sure. ;)
Falling, I think that is an understatement. :|
Spreding the word on the chat....
So austin how did you enjoy your song ^_^
People must know how awesome this is!
It was Skrillex. xD Thanks man. :D
not enough people on this question
Austin you should dance to one of mud's mixes.
No prob you can use that btw for when you dance lol ya same thought sgg
I was thinking about it. I have like 10 videos lined up to be posted on my channel. :D
I have been practicing so I haven't uploaded them though.
I'll prolly dance to one soon though. :D
mud...we need to have bearstep
What the heck jas?
Jason, Tristam - Bear Shake
^ thank me later.
Brb. :3
no ill thank you right now!!!! tanks
mud could do better than this song
lol thanks
jason i will give you a bearstep!
i didnt really care for the bear shake song..
if any of you have an requests please let me know and I will do my best!
Here is my newest one! Show some love I did this one in the middle of a heavy rainstorm XD
Marry me bro lol
lol that good ^_^
Lol glad you guys liked it
lol devon all of ur mix's are amazzzinnggg
thanks madam ^_^
lol anytime ;)
I don't think I can dance to your songs. They are too glitchy.
Darn that sucks
I mean, I probably can, but I don't have enough body control to do it.
no prob it's no biggy If you have any requests for a song lemme know and I'll se what I can do with it
They would need less of the repeated beats and more of a bass pattern for me to follow them. B-Boying would be different as they don't have steady popping motions. :/
i kinda brought that out earlier but no one seems to be taking the offer lol
good point I'll try some Bassnectar and see if i can boost the bass a little bit to make it more accurate for you
Alrighty. Sorry to you only, for a bit ago. :)
dude thats fine we all bust out a bit but we can all forgive one another
I don't. That's what I was saying. Everyone is all forgive and forget, but I don't forgive repeated actions. If someone is going to be a jerk multiple times, I give up on "chances."
ya i see your point well it's cool bro
Once they reach that point, they are dirt beneath me. Granted, they are rather annoying dirt, but dirt non the less.
Alright man, I am gonna go now. Good luck on your DJing. :)
wow lol ya but i believe in multiple chances now if they did something EXTREMELY bad then that is much harder but ya i get where your coming from. lol thanks dude ttyl
Dirt huh? Thats nice. Have a great day "Bro".
lol i call everybody bro except chicks i don't call chicks bros lol
I was talking to austin actually. I was just checking out the mix again, and I saw that. That just really ticked me off.
;) <3
ok guys come on we all luv each other right!?
Good job man its was awesome.
Thanks bro :)
This is epic @mud116 geez so much happened while I was gone haha
ya ALOT has happened lol
figures! But from you that's a compliment ^_^
@wasiqss is mean XD
@LoveYou*69 hell yeah :D
@wasiqss XP bite me! -_-

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