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a bullet going with speed 350m/s enters a concrete wall and penerate a distance of 0.5cm before coming to rest.find decelaration.

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You have initial velocity, final velocity, and displacement. Therefore, you could use: \[a=\frac{v_1-v_0}{t}\]and\[s=v_0t+\frac{1}{2}at^2\], which should allow you to find t, which would further allow you to find a!
\[v ^{2} - u ^{2}= 2 a s\]
- 350 * 350 = 2 * 1/ 200 * a Or, a = - 350 * 350 * 100

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@Taufique bhai, please help.
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Thik huun bhai. To mera answer sahi hai na bhaiyaji...............??????????
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aadarsh ruchi kaun se class me hai...
ji bhaiya, ruchi di 11th mein hain.
or aadarsh bhai bhi 11th me hai
yani ruchi di ke saath same class mein hi!!!!!!!!!:))))))))
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tnx 4 hlp @taufique

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