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This keeps popping into my head i guess its a poem of some sort what do you think? I am but black against the white. A bluejay with no blue. A cowboy with no horse. I am the blue rose among the red. The mouse with no tail Why was i born into this world i don't know. The reason i see in none. But a reason i was born there is.

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AMAZING! and fits rite into mi life ur good
? lol i like the poem

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Other answers:

Thx this just keeps poping in my head so i decided to tell it.
This is truly amazing <3
I dont see whats amazing in it
it just popped into my head
cause i can relate. it is really good!
dont put yourself down! be proud!
i realte to it too he doesnt get it haha its an amazing work
I know what you mean by relate to his poem this poem like explains most of who i am
WOW wolfboy this is pretty good
Like serious I might quote this with your permission when I do my speech next week
Uh can you say i wrote it then if you do go ahead
But i have had people take my credit from me alot so plz dont take credit
Oh of course I wouldn't do it without saying you wrote it! Thanks bro ^_^
its ok
I don't advantage like that
Man my poem is attracting alot of attention
its kinda neat
Wow Wolfboy its nice poem :D
Um thx
ZhangYan i cant message you unless you fan me
hahah i told you, you write really well
Plz people who read this leave feedback
it is interesting hard to follow
but i like it
i love it. the use of metaphors and imagery is stunning :) 8/10 try to make more flow. needs a bit of work around the edges but the prospect is good.
Tx guys it popped into my head over and over so i wrote it down
It's good - in the sense that it's pretty *raw* and ironic. But you could make this rhyme easily and bring more flow if you like. Still, a pretty good job! :)
Luv the poem, it's very deep, and inspiring to tell people we need to figure out who we truly are and what we are not :) GOod job, you should title it though =)
Thx for reading (EVERYONE!)
I will tittle it
wow th was really nice
I made this myself
THat is amazing
Thx kasi
sounds sort of depressing kool
I guess but it is filled with alot of meaning. Alot of people can connect to this
tru dat i get wat ur sayin 2 its a kool poem.
Do you think i should call it- Who Am I?
Or do you guys have any ideas?
or what am i?
Thats good to but does anyone else have ideas?
i got a poem but the only one's i am good at are the complete oposet at u think bout it
The summer's heat is nothing to compare to her warmth. The springs blooming flowers are not even close the beauty of her Smile. And honeysuckle has no comparison to her lips. She is my world.
It needs alittle better flow you should ask it as a question
kool thanks
my email is gttn blown up by this lol.
I am trying to find a good tittle
these are my ideas so far Who am i? or what am i?
reminds me of the song a horse with no name :P
lol do you have any ideas for the name?
I seen many similar writings like this. It has a lot of irony in it.
Yea but what i like about this poem is alot of people can connect to this
yah cuzz no one seems to fit in anywhere :)
Yes. But do you have ideas for what the name could be?
I like hte line I am the blue rose among the red. Make that your title :)
hmm that is a good idea
good poem
Angels is back :D
wow wolf u got ppl all over this nice
I know its crazy
I might start writing more now lol
you so should.. i would love it.. btw r u in flvs?
It's great @Wolfboy poem suits me
Thx a lot i appreciate it And i think that alot of people can connect to this
WoW @Wolfboy if this Masterpiece just popped in your head you really got a creative mind there that can discover many amazing and impossible things the world yet needs to see and hear ;), All in All this is amazing!! :D.
Thx for your comments and everyone who looked. I was at first thinking that people would think his poem is really bad. But now i see all of the meaning and how people can connect to it. I appreciate all of your support and medals and comments. I am going to start posting more poems now :D
Dude this is inspirational!!, And i would love to see what you can create next ;).
Well i will make sure to post more of my poems that come into my head... Alot of them i keep rejecting until they go away :( BUT thanks to all you guys i now have more confidence in my writings.... Thanx everyone.
Actually i am thinking up some poem ideas right now so if you guys know anything i can write then type it up so it can give me a idea.
thats really good :)
Anymore comments?
Well guys thanks alot for reading :)
Never reject your minds thoughts :), I am glad you decided to let your thoughts sink in and fill your head and stopped rejecting them I once did the same thing i had these thoughts popping in and out of my head but i kept rejecting them because i was to worried with what other people would think of them because they were different then most peoples thoughts that i could rearrange them into a masterpiece if i put the right words in order but i kept rejecting them and they finally disappeared gone forever and i regret rejecting them every single day to what i could of wrote :(, So im glad you didn't reject your thoughts like i did :). You rock @Wolfboy!!.
I really love it, what makes it amazing is the contrast. You have little grammatical errors, other wise brilliant :)
Thx XD i noticed the errors
You're looking for the purpose of life, when the purpose of life is to simply live. Wow, who wouldda thought that the purpose of life is just to live life?
Live life and make it meaningful to you. No one else will do that for you so you have to do it.
SWEET poem Wolf! :D:D
I think that it means that you're different than anyone else, you're set apart from those around you. It's really good!
@wolfboy and @wolfgirl awesome :D
Isn't it?

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