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Exciting Announcement! @Agent_Sniffles and I, will be hosting a party starting tomorrow at 10am EST. We will pass out links to the site to all who are interested. The party is for those you have finished yet another successfuly year of school and especially the graduates. ~party rock~

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lol *successful
It's 10 am MST! If you're interested message me OR Becca, so we can see how many people will be there. And anyone can go, not JUST the graduates. :D Music will be there, if you want to post youtube links, and rules will be laid down. (Becca says the Mods will be there, but I don't think so! :D)

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Other answers:

Yes Kymber, with sprinkles.
If you make it and eat it at your desk... Lol Or virtual cake I guess. xD
@rebeccaskell94 Include my 99 SmartScore in hun :D
Is it not for grade 11 schoolgoers?????????????:))))))
No one cares about your score Parth. Jeez. - _ - We all know you're a kid genius and super helpful...
Aadarsh, it's for everyone who wants to go.
It was a deal between me and becky
Oh. xD Lol My bad. :P
Thanks a lot. Meet u all at the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, we are also celebrating @ParthKohli's smartscore. :D Unless he calls me hun again.
pftt lol
Oh yeah, Becca...Mud isn't invited.
I like the idea what time does it start again?
At 10 am MST
WOW agent stop being racist
It says in the question!! What's MST? I THOUGHT IT WAS EST
Ra...cist...? Ohh yeah. I'm bein' sooo racist. O_o
Please provide OS genuine T-shirt and some goodies to everyone at the party.........
Is it EST or MST?
Aadarsh, in your dreams buddy. Kymber, mst...
oh yeah I forgot it's gonna be sniffles time zone lol oh well MST<<<<<
lol aadarsh ^_^
I'll be there! You guys want me to bring any specific music?
Oooooooooooooooooooo.......... at least OS cookies plzzzzzzzzzz
No..just whatever you get from youtube. Lol
Your music mud....we love it :D
Sure they'll be shaped like 'O's xD
Well I'd have to transfer the music over to Youtube but I'll try lol
Blaaah okay Mud. ^_^
Haha good mud!
Anymore questions...?
yes can I be the DJ?
No, not from you. Becca gives decent answers :D
Sure, mud
Why not? :P Shush it Parth. - _ - She had to go, so she told me to answer. :P So you're outta luck kiddo.
Mud Yeah... Sure. I don't see a prob with that.
Will it be Twiddla?
And you need to message me if you wanna go so I know who gets the link.
I messaged Ruhbecca..
Oh..okay. Haha that works too. ^_^ But, since I'm online, she told me to take over. - _ - So message me. Yay...All the work. :P
oh cool Well just have anybody who has a song they want to play let me know so I can get the song for them.
@Agent_Sniffles anyone can join and considering @parthkohli is going to be an honored guest I think he's going to be coming. ;P
Thank you becca :) you certainly are better than sniffles considering how you've made it a free place for all :D
haha you're welcome. As long as everyone behaves themselves I'm cool. B)
:) :) look at your smartscore, it raised
I think @mud116 and @TuringTest should do our music ;3
lOL kymber already hired me as DJ so you got that covered
Yeah TuringTest did the guitar well
*like a boss* he did
Bye cshalvey!
Oops it's becca
Okay! I have rules ;D Sorry guys. :P 1. When on the other site, use your OS name or one that everyone know i.e. Agent_Sniffles can be Tyto or Bailee 2. We have to be respectful, it's meant to be a fun time and tearing down of other participants is uncalled for 3. ~party rock hard~ ;D
Where dis party at? :p
Twiddla :D
Ah. Lame. I've been meaning to organize one on Haven't gotten around to it yet.
haha I didn't know what other site to use xD it's just going to be twiddla haha I'll msg you a linky ;D

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