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DID NOT WRITE! JUST AMAZING! Hushabye baby your almost dead you dont have a pulse and your pillow is red your family hates you your friends let you bleed sleep tight with a knife cause its all that you need Rockabye baby broken and scared you didnt know life would be this hard to bare time to end the pain you hid so well and down youll come baby straight back to hell

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i read this to miself everyday
Why , it's quite depressing :(

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Other answers:

i am a depressed person
That's just sad , cheer up c:
wish i could..
Why can't you ?
mi life sucks
Why, whats wrong?
why is your life is sucks??
no matter what i do no matter how hard i try.. i get yelled at for everything.. example: yesterday i took a water out of the water case and mi mother called me bc i wasnt home when she saw it and YELLED saying dont touch anything in this house.. after she got done goin off she hung up on me WTF! its water we have like 15 cases
oh sorry about that D: my family is much nicer
Mine to @ZhangYan
i cry everyday i cut miself everyday .. i wrapped a chain around mi neck the other day till i passed out
Umm that's really bad . Plus that not the right answer to any of your problems :(
@AngelsUndoing12 lol don't do that @MB3 cool
For your problems, life sometimes appears horrible . From the perspective of a sufferer, being alive can seem like an excruciating nightmare and bad thoughts an inevitable companion. The reason why dealing with it can be so complicated is because it easily takes hold of your mind, and triggers all sorts of paranoia, negative feelings, destructive impulses and widespread hopelessness. If you sometimes feel that you’re living in such a gruesome inner turmoil that you can’t even manage yourself, hopefully this provide with some perspective that will help your find relief from your troubles , life will go on , just be happy c:
@AngelsUndoing12 Do you have any friends?? if you do then if you wrapped a chain around your neck the other day till you passed out. What happen if your friends heard bad news about you and maybe they will cried because they miss you?
i dnt have many friends...
oh really??? Thats horrible. Well i hope you will be happy one day
I'll be your friend, everyone needs friends in their life. They are the people that keep you going, the ones that will be there for you in times of trouble. If you need be , just message me if you ever get those thoughts again :(
me too i agree with MB3
only one who is keepin me rite now is mi wife i love her soo much... i couldnt leave her just so i could die... shes mi everything
Your wife?
yes mi love.. mi fiance.. soon to be wife... i love her
Fiance ? How old are you?
oh wow i am 15
or 14? i can't remember lol i just don't care about age
And your almost getting married, are you a lesbo?
i proposed to her March 15th we were on a horse ranch.. thats her fav animal we were ridin i took her off her horse and propsed rite there she is so sweet.... i am bisexual
hey angels undoing. I know exactly what you feel. I fight depression a lot well from the things i've done and seen done. Dont read things like this everyday dont. Unless you give up.
ill try not to.. :)
What you have to do is watch funny things look at happy thoughts and things. Dont focus at the bad things. I know its hard. Like the poem i rote that came STRAIGHT from my heart i guess.... But it is most of WHO I AM. Say something if you can. That poem wouldn't leave me alone so i said it out loud so everyone on here can see.
yea i guess... wut u wrote expressed me... it was weird.. but good
Just...... Try plz i dont want to see anymore go down the road i ave walked nearly my entire life.
ive walked it been to rehab lived in a crazy house ... and i sumhow found mi way back here :l
Stay here... get better.. plz
CHEEEEEEEEEERIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! @angelUndoing12 \[\Huge\color{green}{~. .}\]\[\Huge\color{skyblue}{\smile}\]

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