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Find the minimum value for the function: y = x^2 + 9x + 18

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do u knwo how to complete the square? or do u factor it?
lets factor its easy
its under my quadratic function lesson so idk

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Other answers:

what 2 numbers when you multiply them =18 and when u add them =9?
is there a number for that?
6*3=18 6+3=9
so is the answer 9 ?
yaaaa factoring i just taught this to my class today. hmmmm nooooo we r factoring. We r trying to figure out 2 numbers that when u mulyiply them give us 18 and when u add them gives us 9
finding the zeros is a long and complicated way to find the minimum
umm well we can complete the square
but i dont think she knows that
use the vertex formula
minimum is at the vertex, and first coordinate of the vertex of \[y=ax^2+bx+c\] is always \(-\frac{b}{2a}\)
when doing the vertx thing... is the second number the minimum?
in your case it is \(-\frac{9}{2}\) replace \(x\) by \(-\frac{9}{2}\) to find the minimum
minimum means minimum value of \(y\) so it is the second coordinate, not the first
so yes, what you said, the second number is the minimum.
ohhh i like this method. We never learnt this stuff. Like the textbook always made us complete the square. oh cooll
can i just plug it into my graphing calculator to get the anwser ?
completing the square is for suckers, unless of course you are solving a quadratic equation
last i heard minimum value was in a calculus class o.O i never knew it was in algebra too
It's in Algebra 2.
You can use a calculator to solve it
hahah its in math 11 here in canada
\[(-\frac{9}{2})^2+9\times (\frac{-9}{2})+18\] then a calculator if you need one
you turn math up to eleven in canada? mine only goes up to ten
Ti-84, input the equation into Y= then click 2nd Trace, and do minimum. It will say "Left bound?", go to the left side of the graph and press enter. Right bound? Obviously, right side. It will say "Guess?", which means put it to where you think the minimum y value is.
So for this, you get x=-4.5 and y=-2.25
sooo many numbers ... ahhhhh!!! >_< what about TI-83 plus?
hahaha grade 11 math lol
so taking the derivative and equating to zero is another story?
It'll be exactly the same basically I think.
Yes lgb haha
they give us this freshman yr. imma senior now tryna make it up.. sucks :/
thanks everyone
using the derivative to find the minimum value of a quadratic. like using a glock to kill a wingspanroach

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