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will you help i need well i really liked atticus and jem in to kill a mocking bird but i dont really no what to say about them in 2 paraghras i need to Include examples from the text to illustrate how the author described the characters
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Well, I can help you with the paragraph, buy you have to find the examples for your own because I don't remember the quotes per beta. As a guidance, mentor, and a hard worker, Atticus Finch was the one who rose to justice. In the book, he is depicted as a caring and loyal man, which is one of the many reasons why I am inspired by him. He definitely wasn't afraid to speak honesty to his kids (REFERRING TO WHEN ATTICUS WAS EXPLAINING RAPE TO SCOUT.) He also practices what ever he preaches, which means Atticus shows his kids that such behavior is not only desirable, but possible. This is what makes him a hero in my prospective. As for Jem, he's what we may call a trend setter, seeing that Scout absolutely is always by his side. He follows in his father's foot steps, wanting justice for Tom Robinson, but only sees evil and injustice during the entire trial. Jem sees his self as a brave young man as he does the ""unthinkable" by touching "Boo" Radley's house. This shows that he isn't afraid of a little dare, and will never back down from one either. Jem is also very idealistic.

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