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Quickly i dash through the shadows holding my cloak over me. I can see them through the trees. I know they can see me. As i run i notice the brush around me getting smaller, "I must be getting close to the city be now" i murmur to myself. That's when it happened. I didn't notice the Saligian sneaking up on my backside. I feel a sharp pain shoot through my body like a shock wave. I stumble and fall to the ground. I quickly ripped out the knife and put it in my sack while I wait for them to group up. This is how they fight. They hurt them then attack them in waves. Then i see the arrow

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Fired through the trees heading straight for my chest. Without any thinking i roll to the side and it nails into the tree next to me. I jump up and pull my sword. I lost my shield while I was in Bethognan. It saved my life though. But as i draw my sword that's when the ground starts to shake like a leaf under my feat. Then i see them. By the hundreds charging me.
I quickly emptied my source of throwing knives. Everyone thrown was a death to them. They were just sharpened to. When the first one gets close to me I quickly disarm and kill him. I have a circle around me of Saligian's coming at me from all directions. Quickly i notice the gaps and weaknesses of the charge.
I am known as the dancer of death and this is why. I spin around and around and move like no one has ever seen. I twirl jump juke and weave. And by the time my dance is over i can here the second wave. This forest is known for its abundance of Never ending Saligians. Then an arrow slides through my shoulder like a knife through warm butter. Another one goes in my leg. And then i feel it... The power the urge to kill the pain all of it.

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I roar a roar that shook the trees. Every Saligian stood in fear. I rip out the arrows and roar Then they charge. I rip up 100 year old trees like i am lifting up a pebble. I Use them like a giant sword and crush them. I rip them to shreds with my bear hands and mouth. I smash them with there partners. I flatten them with a kick. I am, A Werewolf.
It's kinda sad, but good.
How is it sad?
Its a prologue
This is a beginning the the new story i am writing...
So descriptive and good Wolfy! I must read more, when you're finished! n_n
I might post like a chapter by chapter on here.
nicee wolfy! ^_^ I read a little bit of it from what I read it sounds awesome!
nice one..though too many 'I' that intentionally done?
you should read it all!
srry got a bunch of stuff I'm doing
No its not done intentionally but its what fits.
XD is fine
you dont have to read it
I have no words :')
Wow. That is GOOD!
Thanx lots what do you think of me posting like chapters on here?
I think it's a great idea. Go ahead and do it :D You might get published one day, it's THAT good.
Thank you :D
I have 3 more books i wrote two XD
Awesome :) I've written 4 books. I'm working on a fifth one right now. One of my books actually got published c:
D: i gonna slap someone
cause... XD
Hm...okay then :P Anyways, good luck with that :)
You're welcome ^_^
Really good
It's beautiful. I ♥ it. #1 fan.

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