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hypothetical survey...what are your methods in detecting/differentiating an answer fiend (someone who just comes here for answers) from the eager learners

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If the question is missing vital text/numbers that's an indicator of copy-pasting. This means that the question is likely on some sort of online quiz/homework, so I stay away from those. If they've asked an exorbitant amount of questions, I stay away.
If they send me a message with a link to the question, and don't take the time to even ask for my help, I stay away. If they tag 20 or more people in a post, I generally stay away. (this is slightly flexible).
If they get angry while you're explaining/ask the question again, they probably just want the answer as well.

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Other answers:

do you think multiple choice could be an indicator of an answer fiend?
In most cases. Especially if they could just spend 30 seconds trying the different options to get the answer. I've seen a few that aren't though.
i also saw some people who ask for complete solution..i think they were eager to learn but they just wanted it because it was what was required..what do you think about that?
If it says something like "Show all work" or similar at the end of the question, this is says "I copied this word for word from a worksheet or homework" to me. Once again, with a few exceptions.
In general, questions that look like copy-paste I avoid.
Perhaps more obviously, if they have been an answer fiend in the recent past, they probably are now as well.
well ive seen some cases where they change..i dont think they're pretending to change..who would have the patience to pretend to learn lol
That's why I specified "recent." There are cases where they change, but they're rather few and far between when compared to the grand total of answer fiends.
Another important point I would make is that you can provide help in a way that tests for this and that requires them to think and participate in order to get the answer. I would classify help into three tiers from low to high: -Pure answer -Answer w/ explanation -Leading the asker to be able to get the answer on their own. Whenever possible, I seek to give that highest tier of help. I feel the most satisfaction when, instead of giving the answer, I get to say, "Yes, that is the answer. Good job." A side benefit of giving this kind of help is that, if you give it correctly, it thwarts people who are hoping to exploit the site for answers. The downside of this is of course the risk that you'll invest 15 minutes in a question with someone only to have someone knock down your carefully constructed sandcastle in 10 seconds with a tier one answer.
You can easily detect a copy - paste question. Most of them have a question number (For example the question might start like this 7. .........). No fool would add 7. in front of the question unless they have copy pasted it from a site or from their homework.
but some people do copy-paste homeworks but are interested to learn them right?
That's right, though such users are very rare. I usually avoid such questions even if I know the answer. There are some users who get angry if you give away a few steps and ask them if they know how to proceed. In such cases, it is a waste of time.
I mean, you don't get the medal and the user doesn't get the answer.
@SmoothMath that's the saddest try to help but other people do not share your motives
Hi I'm that special user
Usually like to learn
Also, If you're trying to show them HOW to do the problem, and ask them questions if they understand a specific step, typically the person won't respond. If I give the answer they'll say "Thanks" and close the question. Then, I find the same user asking a same type of question that I just walked through. I avoid those!

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