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HEY GUYS!!! here is some more of my story but not the full chapter.

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Old acquaintances I wander the streets like a lost dog. Blood all over my body. People walk, no run out of my way. And for those who don’t, get thrown to the side. I look normal now, well, all except for my clothes which are torn and tattered. I look for the nearest healer. But its not that easy, my body is littered with cuts holes and bruises and my vision is blurry. I could go without a healer but with what I am trying to do I will need one. As I stumble along the cobblestone of the city floor I finally spot a healing vender. I move to him as fast as I can but in my current condition I am about as fast as a little child who is new at the sport. Immediately as the healer spots me she runs to my side to assist me to a cot were I am then told to rest. As I stare at the ceiling I notice this building is quite old for a healer.
Usually the healers get the best of buildings to work in because they are so valuable nowadays. As a gaze into nothing I then feel my shirt pulled off my body in pieces. Apparently glued to me by blood. They then take of the bits of stray leftover armor of my body. By the looks of it this task is very difficult since the armor was bent into my skin. After moving my chest piece (or what’s left of it anyway) they look at me in shock. As I lift my head I can see the blood pouring out with the arrows that are gathered in that area. My heart is nearly visible and my ribs are revealed in some places.
Then one of the nurses come to me with a rag and the next thing I know I am at like a light, but the dream…It was a different story. I was wandering through a forest. In fact it’s the forest that is on the other end of town. As I wandered I started noticing bodies. Bodies with blood pouring out. Guts dripping slowly. Burnt bodies littered the grown further by the hundreds. The bodies were so mutilated I could not tell what they were. As I walk further the bodies grow more and more. Then I hear it. A loud thundering roar. A roar so mighty you would think its chasing after you. A roar so bold it would scare the life out of your enemy. Terrified I creep forward keeping my wits about me and checking before every turn. But the bodies… They be come so convulsing I am thinking about heading back. Then I see them. A mighty powerful werewolf and well what appears to be a young wizard. But I walk unnoticed to the wizard and the werewolf. Then I figure out what the bodies are. Zethians. They are blood thirsty cruel demons. Fast, about 7ft high and thin. They have a lizard like head with a mix of some sort of feline mix. They never travel alone but they are very quiet. There armies are easily top a million. But they are very poorly trained. Then out of no were one jumps behind me and runs directly at me. I roll out of the way and it keeps running in the direction it was going. I am invisible! I shout. Yet still I cannot be heard. I walk up to the young wizard and look at his face. I know this man I mummer. Then a black spiral sucks me down until it’s just me.

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I wake with a jolt unexpected to be tied down to the bed. My wrists are slightly bleeding like I was trying to yang myself free from the dream. I try to look down at my stomach to see it wrapped up in pure white bandages starting to redden. To the left of my I see a warm piece of bread and a glass of water and to my right lies the belonging that were in my clothing. Once I try to lift my head a sharp, head-splintering pain seeps through my skull and immediately I let out a small yelp. I am then pushed back down to my bed and handed the food. As I start to eat I notice a man and a woman looking at me and talking. The man looks rich and well fed. But the lady it skinny and has a look of terror perfectly drawn across her face. As I look at them the man notices. Quickly I jerk my head back to its current position and cram a piece of bread into my mouth so I am not able to speak. But then he sits in the nearest chair and waits until I am done chewing. So I decide to just eat fast and hurry up and get the talking over with.
When I am done he walks over and reveals his true face. Josepher! I exclaim then break into a coughing fit. As I start to stop coughing he turns his face back to his disguise and asks if I would like to head to his place for the rest of my healing. With a slight nod of my head he goes and talks to the nurse. At first she does not allow it but after a slight conversation she gave in. So to nurses carried me to the back of the carriage he rode in. As I rode in the back I caught a glimpse of the people wandering the streets poor, tattered, tired, and hungry. As we rode by I saw a kid about 8 years old. He was as skinny as a post. I looked at my bread and back at the kid. And I then tossed the rest of the loaf to the small boy, who then shouted “bless your heart” as I rode away. As I watched the kid run into the nearest house from the front I heard “Bump” and the carriage bounced up like a rock that was kicked into the air. Once we hit the ground I winced as a surge of pain rushed through my body and obscured my thoughts. And then as if night fell instantaneously Josepher puts to sleep like a little child. I wake up angry and confused. I am tied down again but in only my skivvies. Joseph is murmuring things over my body. As I watch him my pain goes away and the wounds start to accelerate their healing. The next thing I know I am healed and walking. As I stare at him in wonder of how he accomplished this then I remember the dream. He is a wizard now.
no no this IS EPIC!
Your an awesome writer wolfy! n_n
Truely..I can't wait to read more.
If you want to be in my book Plz comment and tell me what you want to be under this and you MIGHT i say MIGHT get in
You are an incredible writer. It's like I can actually feel, see, hear, smell, everything that's going on. Now that's talent when you can do that to your readers. :)
Did you read the prologue?
No, I didn't! Send me a link?
On it
:D Thanks! ♥
Is this the first chapter?
Some of it no all of it
I want to be the healer who healed you!!! only if your book isn't yet completed - cause you posted this 2years ago lol - btw the first Chapter is Mind Blowing !!! such an Epic chapter - I await for your book Wolf :)

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