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would u blieave someone that they tell u that (i love you. what would u do

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Um, it depends on WHO we're talking about here. xD
If it was Alex Pettyfer, Josh Hutcherson or Ryan Reynolds, hecks yes. xD
lol I'm not sure, if they look sincere and are talking sincerely and they looked you straight in the eyes yes. BUT if they looked to the ceiling or to the left (signs they are lying) or couldn't look you in the eye or if they pretended or seemed to cough I wouldn't believe them... P.S. This question does not belong in the Writing section I don't think, and I don't think that there is a group for this...maybe put this in the chat :/ not sure

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Other answers:

@LifeIsADangerousGame Agree 100%. Unleeeess, there the people I mentioned above... xD
Not really, some people who likes you are shy. That means they would find it hard to look at you in the eyes.
Well, when it comes to love, they should know you well enough to not be embarrassed to tell you that they do. :) And I think that's special, because then you truly know. (Sorry hopeless romantic!) ^-^
Yeah, I guess. But the more you know someone, actually the more embarrassing it is to tell them that you like them. If it didn't go right, the confession, it'll start a train of embarrassment as you know them very well. They'll look at you differently afterwards too.
True! Very true!
But usually, if the person is TRULY shy, then you can usually rule out "not looking in the eye" part
I would keep a close eye on the body language.
It could tell a completely different story then her words
Yea, like a said, body language is important
Not if you honestly love eachother. I mean think about it. When you love someone, the whole world revolves around that person. And you just know that they're the one. So, why would you be embarassed to show your feelings? I wouldn't be, because I would know that the worst thing that could happen is them rejecting me. But, if you love eachother, it's a whole different story. It won't even matter. Ya know?
Well they could say they don't feel the same way...
I know, but that happens. There was this one guy I seriously liked and I thought he was the one. But then I found out he was getting married. Stuff happens and theirs nothing you can do about it. But I guess it's the faith and the love you can hold onto.
Too true
I have been asked out by many girls and they say they love me. I watch their body language and every time i thought she did not i asked her and she said she was dared to ask.
oh really?
Yes really
I HAVE had girls who actually like me though and their body language was different then the ones who were dared.
I know, but thats' the difference between the real thing and the stupid fantasy that movies give people. To me, reality is not like that. No way could there ever be a "movie romance" situation. It's not real to me. But then again, all people care about is using others, so I don't even know anymore.
I know what you mean @Wolfboy I've been there...
Yea, and no offense angel or wolfboy but a lot of people say "they've been there" or "gone through that" and it's just a way to get people to sob for them. But I think you guys are probably telling the truth...but then again...I don't know if you're looking up at the ceiling or to the left and what your body language is saying ;)
And now i am gonna slap you...XD jk
You look around, what do you see? Do you see people who actually look like they're in love or do you see teenagers holding hands in the mall pretending to like eachother so they can say they have a boyfriend/girlfriend? And none taken @LifeIsADangerousGame people are like that. But I can tell you for a fact I'm not throwing a pity party for myself. :P I'm telling the truth. I really have been there.
I'm done, I swear. xD haha Sorry guys. :P
np i dont care
I love to write so when I get the chance to express myself, I'm there. xD
hey to the WOLFBOY that not right about other girls what they did 2 u. u sound like a good person what everr u do. do it still. i love u
? ok
Nah, I don't really pay attention to the world around me...I'm more of an introvert that's oblivious to a lot of things, but because I'm an introvert I'm the most observant....(yea it's late, but it never sent!)
@fallingangel np, I like people that like to express themselves whenever they get the chance..
what do u mean me 2 i like 2 express my self all the timelol
neu I meant fallingangel...
@fallingangel @LifeIsADangerousGame You two have both said very valid points.
lol whatta huge discussion :D
What do you mean? @Wolfboy
Yep, true
@LifeIsADangerousGame I'm glad. :) It's nice to know that people can relate to you.
@fallingangel I mean you both have said things that DO make sense and I have seen. BUT i think if we add up all our points we've made that they will fit together nicely.
One of the best feelings there is, almost nothing is worst than being misunderstood like Loki in the Avengers :( poor guy
Loki, yeah, he needed a hug seriously
It depends if they back up they love you with their actions. That's the only way youd know.
FINALLY SOMEONE agrees with me! @AsianStudent_01
There are only a few villains you can understand.
O_O! NO WAY WOLFBOY! Loki is a poor misunderstood soul! His past was withheld from him and he was ALWAYS in the shadow of THOR, that HURTS!
No i live in the shadows... After a while you tend to get used to it
Loki is probably more hurt than angry but NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THIS! SO Loki takes action! He expresses his feelings in the ONLY way people will understand! Anger and destruction!
Haha! gotta love him though! and yep so true @Wolfboy @LifeIsADangerousGame
I don't think I can content myself with being in the shadow
Wolfboy, I think that if lots of girls have said they love you, it's almost impossible for you to be in the shadows -_- just sayin
@LifeIsADangerousGame You have no clue who i truly am.
I for one love the shadows, but usually don't find myself in them so I create my own shadows and pretend I'm in a dark and dismal world, usually where I get most of my poems from :P I'm usually not that morbid though. The shadows help you think, I think
So dont judge
Peace out
Does anyone really know who someone is? And I'm not judging, I'm stating my opinion. I don't know where you live, how you live, how people have treated you or ANTHING I have NO right to judge you, so I'm not! I'm just stating my opinion and I hope I haven't offended you (although it seems I have and I am sorry) @Wolfboy
Calm down man/men
I'm not looking to stir up trouble or anything....oh and I'm a woman :P
lol yo'ure good
What's wrong with that?
I know that would pop up somewhere! Sorry let me rephrase: calm down men/women
Nothing XD i was trying to figure out if you were a boy or girl this hole time XD
Am i a girl? :P if it wasn't obvious enough... xD
me? I'm male
Lol I knew that one @fallingangel
LOL wolfboy, you have no idea how many people thought I was a guy :P
I didn't try to figure out. Lol, I just assumed I had been talking to two guys
Thats why i never make assumptions
LOL yea, lots of people do that. Ever notice how when people are driving, they're like OMW look at how that GUY'S driving! Then they find out its a girl :D
Nopes, I make them all the time until proven otherwise
Yea, that's a good idea Wolfboy, Like in Romeo and Juliet all of Friar Lawrence's assumptions got THREE people killed all in the same hour AND room.
We assume all the time, mostly unconsciously
Can you believe how off topic we actually got? Lol, cracks me up
LOL ikr I was just thinking the same thing :D I bet we're racking up smartscore points for "engaging in teamwork" in answering the question :D
and then the conversation stops...
Hahaha, true
oh yea! I agree with how you said we assume unconsciously, it makes sense
Yep. We see a baby strolled in, it wears blue, we assume it's a boy
So girls cant wear blue?!!!!
Lol actually I don't :P I'm juts like....A BABY! and I make faces at them when no one's looking :D
Ah ah ah Wolfboy! You're assuming AsianStudent is suggesting girls can't wear blue!
That't the thing, we were born into social (insert word) the moment we were born or just a little after it
This is quite the intellectual conversation. xD
And it all started with you
dogma! Finally got that word. Phew
lol our chatter seems interminable
Is that you in the pic Fallingangel?
Sure is....
Wow, cool, you look awesome!
Aw, thanks....
He's (?) right, you look really nice :)
You can tune a guitar, but you can't tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass. - Douglas Adams.
Hahaha xD thank you....I appreciate it.
Ooh! I have some awesome quotes too! :D
I was about to say pickup line war XD
LOL Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I'll show you A-flat minor.
Is your dad a thief because it looks like he stole the stars out of space and put them in your eyes
Here I am! What were your other two wishes?
Sorry, cheesy, I know.
LOL I've never heard that one :D
you need counseling
Who does?
she does
who me?????
WHOEVER you're talking about, I find that rude. This was a good question (although in the wrong group) with a friendly banter between new friends and you have no right to say someone "needs counseling ".
i didnt say that someone said that 2 me. r u mad at me
No! Not you, I'm talking about mjzolt! lol no not you :P
shes been asking that question for days everyones been giving her answers but she keeps asking it so ya! she needs some help!
Chill, no one's upset but you! Don't answer the questions then!
you chill! Im over it already. Im sick of seeing the question everywhere. Just wait, youll see what I mean.
I am chill, you're the one who's trying to start trouble by coming out of nowhere and saying someone needs counseling! I'll ask her not to post again is all! Not trying to be mean or anything, I'm just saying...and yea that can get annoying but plz try to be nicer...
hey u dont need 2 be mean. the lord JESUS christ is real if like what i write u dont have 2 read it. i have a good friend named joel james from my church him. u guys i cant but some of u guys i can.u all know who u are. LIFEISADANGEROUSGAME i give u credit. bacuse u are not like other people that i know..........
Amen! I totally and completely agree and thanks :) Jesus is real!
@afranklin12 you need to close this now...
lol and so you shall see too.....
see what 2

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