• anonymous
Apart from GitHub and Dropbox (or even our very own server that we SSH into), what 'free' online thing can my friends and I use as the central repo in git? The thing that bugs us about GitHub is that the free projects are all public. Are there any alternatives to github?
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  • katieb
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  • anonymous
Also, how do I encourage my friends to use git instead of just regularly backing up the entire project directory into patches and tarballs by date?
  • NeThWa
There are some alternatives, e.g. sourceforge. But i don't know them really good, i work mainly with dropbox in simple projects because it's way easier and more comfortable^^. On bigger projects we use a network drive on the subject group's servers - pretty easy with linux and samba.
  • farmdawgnation
I would just shell out the $7/month for GitHub man. It's worth it. Haha. Butttt if you don't want to do that using your own server is the best option. If he needs convincing, make a copy of the code in a git repo, commit it to get it started, then go bury annoying ASCII art all in his code. Then use "git checkout ." to remove it in one command. BOOM. ;)

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