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what is equivalent to log (sub 36) 6

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Okay, temme, 36 to the what power is 6?
no its log with a little 36 and then 6
Yeah.. that's what it means

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Other answers:

\( \color{Black}{\Rightarrow \log_{36}6 \Longrightarrow \text{36 to the what power is 6? That'd be the answer. } }\)
my choices are log6, log1/6, log6/log36, or log36/log6
leah why did you post this on my question!
post your own this is my question i need mine answered
i am too!
o cool
delete your comment beofre i close the question
\( \color{Black}{\Rightarrow \log_xy = \Large {\log_x \over \log_y} }\)
shut up ok dang dont have to be a aass
are you kidding? no language go away!
nd thanks parthkohli i got the answer that way! :)
yw :)
lol thanks honey i happen to be very smart for your info
can you help me parthkohli??? please???
no im closing the question! ;) bye
im sorry hahahahhha
closing th questions bye
parth are you there ?????
Yeah I am there. Why?
she wants you the answer the question she posted as a comment to a tottaly different question!
\[ \log_{36} 6 = \large \log_{6^2} \normalsize 6 = \frac 1 2 \log_6 6 = \frac 1 2 \]
so its it 1/6 or what?
i just got two answers?
@leah14: Please do not spam in this ongoing discussion. Post your question via Ask the question feature. Also please be respectful to others. -Thanks
thank you! but foolformath, log36/log6 and log1/6 are both answers
which is it?
@FoolForMath sure and respect is my last name sir or mam whatever you are
The answer is \( \frac 12 \)
your positive? im nervous i need an A.
i need an a toooooo
leah go post your own question! and leave me alone my pictures just fine, so go away!
the answer was log36/log6
@leah14 I could ask you the same thing
lol all my life i had to fight ill lay em dead before i let them beat me
@FoolForMath your a moderator please control leah14 this is harrassment
Then you've already been informed this is NOT your question
Go post your own question instead of harassing others.
@FoolForMath please moderate this situation please!
Why are you asking questions during a test?
@leah14 there isn't an excuse for this. So don't try making one :D
@myininaya your a moderator please help
guys don't keep tagging mods. You have more than enough looking at it.
@strcaitlyn13 I'd have to agree with becca why are you asking this during a test? o_O
It has been taken care of.
its not a test like you can be graded, i just wanted that girl to leave me alone, this i just the example given to show how to work out others. im not on a test. if i was i wouldnt be able to leave the page
Ah. My apologies. It was merely a question. Thank you for clarifying it though
i understand thank you guys though! :)
Your welcome.

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