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What is the next number in the pattern: 3, 6, 7, 14, 15, 30, 31, 62, 63, …

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This pattern looks like this - we have a number, then we have its double, then we have the next, then the double
next number would be the double of 63

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Other answers:

3+3=6,7 7+7=14,15 15+15=30,31 31+31=62,63 63+63=126
@drpick Why did she get a medal?
cause IMA BOSS!!! lol
I asked something
What is the 8th number in the pattern: 20, 12, 4, -4, …?
yeah XD
This is an arithmetic sequence
20-8=12 12-8=4 4-8=-4 -4-8=-12 -12-8=-20 -20-8=-28 -28-8=-36<------------ 8th number in the pattern
Delete it ^
Delete it... because people aren't allowed to be given answers
No people aren't allowed to give JUST answers with out a direct explanation, I clearly showed him how Ive gotten the answer I have...
You're late. You shouldn't have given the answer.
@aussy123 people like drpick love the answers. they don't wanna see the explanation.
Yeah i just dont want the answer...i want to know how to do it SMH
I told you how to do it, yet you want the answers.
well your kinda boring to explain
Users like you make the site look bad.
and you still get mad because i don't give you a medal
No. I don't want a medal. I just want you to take a medal away from her.
Because people who ask for answers and who give answers are not welcome here. Read this. Your excuses wouldn't be allowed here.
@Tomas.A would you explain? That's what amby's are made for :)
ParthKohli says truth.
I will encourage and guide those needing help, and not just give them an answer.....I didnt just give him the answers I clearly worked it out for him..
yeah what an epic fail SMH
@aussy123 If you really want to help, you will guide the asker and won't give the answer
he needs to work them out himself especially when someone else is trying to help him, and you just pop there and ruin all his hard job because it's much harder to guide person than solve yourself.
The biggest challenge of the site is to explain the answer fiends and the answer snipers of how the site really works
Dude ParthKohli you happy now you have the now you can stop harassing me over helping someone...and I gave steps and everything I just didnt write it out in words... Many people on here work it out the same way
I have the medal from Tomas, not the asker. and I don't care about medals, get that? I want the site to be a better place. @TuringTest would like to speak more on the topic
@aussy123 im sorry for getting you into this problem
its nothing, because it clearly shows that I showed the work ive done and I clearly didnt just give the long as you understand, thats all that matters
thanks thats why i gave you the medal
@aussy123 Can you tell me who does that?
I'd be happy to know the names of the rule breakers

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