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I'm new in the whole programming thing but basically what is the point of using pig latin when coding?

Computer Science
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Do you mean "pig" the language? pig latin is used to hide your meaning in front of children. It is not used in coding
I meant like when instead of frog you would say ogfray for example: pigLatinWord = word + "ay "; or String ayString = "ay"; String pigString;
Okay, so what is the question? "What is the point?" cannot be answered, since you came up with the programming problem.

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Other answers:

In other words when will i need to use pig latin when coding?
I think you are confused. You make up your own words/coding practices yourself. So you could say worda = wordb + "e"; int a = 10; String s = "skjfklsdafjslkd"; etc
Pig latin has nothing to do with coding. You can name variables anything except the "reserved words" (such as "if" and "while"). For C++, these words can be found here:
Ok i understand thanks so much guys
Yeah, maybe your professor just decided to do that, which is w/e he wanted I guess... Usually you here the normal Comp Sci lingo "foo/bar" but there are a few others. So like int foo = 5; String bar = "lasagna";
But like I said before always name it as something you can remember. byte faceShelf, pattern; float x, y, w, h; short depth; String name; Long side; int x1; int y1; int w1; int h1; With this I know exactly what is what and also another important thing is what makes a good programmer a good programmer is his ability to write code others can understand. Most likely you will be correcting other people's code/ sharing code with others in a group(depending on your work). So if they cannot read your code, you're in trouble... I am lucky enough to be working on my own and with 1 other person, but the code is all mine for the most part.

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