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Which one should i go with for programming photos Compiler vs. Interpeter vs. JIT Compiler?

Computer Science
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I understand complied code runs faster but a dynamic interpeter is more programmer friendly but just wanted another persons opinion on the matter
Coudln't you have the best of both worlds? There are both REPLs and optimizing compilers for languages like LISP and OCaml and Haskell and whatnot:
Otherwise, go with the programmer-friendly options like Python, Ruby, or Java and avoid those painful languages that make you manually manage memory for everything like C or C++

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Other answers:

Programming photos?
They are also intertwined, it's not really a question of what you use, but what language maybe....
@KonradZuse lol my instructor is asking us to change the RGB of pictures so... but i basically wanted to know which type of language i should use in general. And thank you agdgdgdg...
2 things 1. What class is this and have you been using a certain programming language? 2. you would have to buffer the image into memory and try to change it that way I would assume... I have never really dealt with this, I have read images into memory, I have changed image types, but never tried to alter images via a programming language... I really do not know the purpose of doing it thought. You could have pictures already premade and switch them in and out based on whatever you are trying to do i.e., button presses etc.
I'm taking a few courses on and and we basically alter each pixel basically and we could use a for loop to alter alot of pixels each example we do requires a diffrent code but i was also wondering why not just use photoshop or something but it's his course i guess
so what programming language? Yes you can alter each pixel like in Open GL for example. and like I said photoshop would be easier to create the pix, but like I linked for the oracle docs you could do it in a buffered image.
In our course the examples are on a webpage so i'm not 100% sure but in the lectures he always says Javascript so i assume it's that

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