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hi dears.i join this group recently.i studied computer engineering.last term our teacher tahght us C programming language but my programming is so weak .can anyone help me and tell what should i do? i'll be so thankfull

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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Practice, practice, practice. Ask for help a lot. Make lots of mistakes, and figure out why your code didn't do what you wanted it to.
would you please introduce me agood refrence for start?
Is there a specific language that you're interested in learning? The one for this class, Python, is a good introductory language.

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Other answers:

yes C programming language
Try They have a C tutorial series.
@justone : You haven't told what problem you faced in learning C. Was it given a problem, you where not able to convert it into a logical algorithm which will solve the problem or you where able to convert it into logical algorithmic solution but unable to represent it in C language syntax.?
my problem is that when i see a new question i don't know what should i do and where should i start from,nothing comes to my mind!!!i think it's because that at university they don't start with algorythm,they start with python and then taught us term they will teach us java but i'm not ready for that.
I have a feeling that they *did* teach algorithms, they just used Python to do it. I think it's tough for intro computer science students to see that they shouldn't be pouring their energy into understanding the particular language they are learning, they should instead be focusing on the underlying concepts that are true for all languages. That way, if you move onto another language, the only obstacle is the syntax and any new features that that program has. I actually suggest that if you are having trouble with C, you take a step back and try to solve the same problem in Python. Once you have a solution in one language, it's not too bad to convert into the other language (though Python has more friendly built-in functions). There are plenty of free books online like "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist" that try to get students to work out a method of solving before writing code.
i think you are right ,all of your statements are understand all things well .if i learned python well,then i don,t have any problem with C and other languages,last term our teacher introduce the book that you say for python but i insted of that study persian books,which don't have anythig special to say.a mistake brings another mistake!!!
My advice will be to take small programming problems, think of a solution to that problem express them in pseudo code form and verify that your solution work for various input. Then you should try to express that pseudo code solution in your language of choice like C or python.
by your statements i think programming is so close to math ,if we just study nothing will be ok ,we should just try to code,but first we should know how
@shandelman .i like the site that tou introduce me alot .would you khow more sites like that?please
i mean site
For C,, but there are all kinds of tutorial sites for all kinds of languages if you search hard enough.

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