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  • uri

electro magnetic waves can be absorbed by: a) air, b)vaccum ,c) seawater d) cloud ..............PLEASE GIVE REASON

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Is it Vaccum??
  • uri
dont know buddy
It could never be a vacuum, by definition of what a vacuum is. Air, clouds, and seawater all absorb some types of radiation. The question is which is the BEST answer, which absorbs the most. Ask yourself this, which is the most dense of those listed?

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Other answers:

it is not vaccum for sure.
The more dense a material is, the more it's going to absorb electromagnetic radiation types, of all kinds.
  • uri
my paper is after some time and my brain is not working so answer me fast mate @agentx5
You can't figure out which is the most dense of those? Really?
there is a Physics category here somewhere... sea water is the darkest ... so at-least you easily know it absorbs the most \(visible\ light\)
@PaxPolaris Actually "dark" is a relative term. Gamma radiation penetrates very far through seawater, where as "middle-wave" microwave radiation get easily absorbed by water (i.e.: how your microwave oven works). It does depend on the type of electromagnetic radiation in question, and it is more correct to say that density is the driving factor in what blocks most of all kinds of radiation. You're not wrong, but there's meh a better way of saying that that's more true, I'm making sense. :-) @uri I can understand if you're new here, and possibly young, but two things if I may: 1. We're not supposed to just straight up just give out answers if it can be explained... Sometimes the explanation involves showing the steps towards that answer, that seems to be ok too. That's not what the spirit of the Code of Conduct is about. If we can show you the process on how to get the answer yourself that's far better and you'll gain more from it. In short, it's the old better to teach a man to fish than to just give him a fish. Make sense? :-) 2. This is the mathematics section. There is a physics section that would be perfect for this in the future. Not a big deal, but just check it out for the future, cool?
I think this question is related to climate .... so it would mostly concern visible or infra-red light
  • uri
OH thankss,but i'm not really interested in Physics,I'm commerce student! And you're so right! but my bro is not here!I'll see the physics section! Thankss.But wait do you have a problem in telling me which option is this?.
Microwave bands range from high-frequency radiowaves to infrared, you are correct @PaxPolaris . To add to the complication different regulating agencies in different nations name different bands differently. :P
@uri Welcome to OpenStudy! @agentx5 is right! We cannot just give the answer . It is against the Code of Conduct as looking for just the answer is also against the Code of Conduct. And yes the physics group is probably where this question should be.
Ok well...You might change your mind after you have good learning on here. Have fun! :)
Please only click the report abuse button if someone is in fact doing something against the Code of Conduct:
@uri Do you have anymore questions?
Oh it is okay. We all get angry sometimes. :)
  • uri
Omg! Don't say that. Everyone has potential to be intelligent. Some people might have to take more initiative in some areas but you are no doubt an intelligent human being. The first thing you need to do is believe in yourself. Have some confidence. Believe you can do it. Believe you aren't stupid. I know it is tough not to pity yourself and call yourself stupid. I used to do the same thing. Honestly I still do it. But you have to take a deep breath and just believe for a second you can do it and don't give up.
  • uri
OH haha,you're so sweet.
Just trying to share the love a little ;) and it is the truth.
  • uri
I'm a female.
  • uri
  • uri
lol. Nope.
Vacuum definition, has no matter... so it absorbs nothing all matter absorbs some amount of some form of electromagnetic radiation AIR: lets most of the light go through, but e.g carbon dioxide is slightly better at absorbing infra-red radiation than other gases CLOUDS: Reflects a lot of the light, lets some through... absorbs some of it Sea-water: absorbs a lot of light... but not all of it or else sea water would appear pitch-black.

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