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My best friend is a very good singer/rapper, and this is her new song that she made. She sung the whole thing, and I want to see what you guys think. Here's the link-

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Just post your opinions on the song down below and whether you liked it or not. :)
not bad. I like it!
oh, and be careful about that typo you have about rapper

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Other answers:

lol whoops gonna edit that now.
thx lol didn't even notice that :)
the pleasure is mine
Thx :) She's so good in singing and rapping :) If you search lissy b. on google you'll get some more of her songs/raps. :)
I sing too!
But I can't rap to save my life xD
Lol I can't rap either, but I sing alright, my voice is high so yeah.
omg i just the oppoiste i can't go high to save my life XD
I sing medium and low
I have a DEEP voice for a girl
cool. I mean for a guy I sing really high :). Only one of my friends in school know I can sing :)
I'd love to hear u!
g2g for a minute. Brother might hack OS
omg k XD
Back. My brother shut down my computer O.o
AY DID yu listen to my brutha wandell
Yeah I heard it yesterday. Thought it was pretty good.
No prob.
medal me plz
Needs more laser sounds.
"in your opinion"
I think that was pretty good for a 14 year old girl so yeah :). I liked it the way it was and thought that was nice :)
Pretty good. Check me out . Alot of my old music. Will be releasing alot more of my newer stuff soon.
I can't right now, bc my computer that I'm using now is for school only and everything is blocked. Tomorrow though I will take a look at your songs :)
Alright cool . Your friends song was pretty dope though! Tell her to keep it up!
Lol I will :) If you search lissy B. on google, you can take a look at her other music videos/raps stuff like that.
I'll check it out.
wow..............she's only 14 :O
wow..............pretty good!!!
Her youtube videos all combined got over 185,000 views :) and yes, she's only 14 :)
that is an epic thing
wow your friend can really sing!!!
I like it (:
This is really good!
i like it alot :)
Ok I guess if that is your thing. I'd expect to hear it played on the Disney Channel...thats not a diss...Hip Hop is abour metaphors and rhymes, timing and delivery. You definately have talent but I wouldn't consider that hip hop

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