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so first of all thanks a lot to all mods and my dear friends who supported me to be an amby .. I think that i am helping the new users nicely ( i hope ) but i have seen many of the students ( new users ) either they dont know about best response or they dont give ! i am not talking about myself but i am talking about the other users that answer their questions nicely . I just want that to know or want to request mods to introduce this thing or pop up whenever the new users sign up they can see the message regarding the introduction to Best response , smart score etc..

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Or should we make them aware with best response and many other things by sending them messages or just posting a reply in the question ?
@lgbasallote what do u think about this?
there is a pop-up

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Other answers:

any screen shot of that ? that i can see /
I am not doubting but i want to see that ..
i have disabled my pop-ups already
i have createdtoo much dupes to create another one lol
just to get a screenshot
Ok ! so if there is the pop up then why are the new users not responding to the answers by best response ?
if a new user dont respond to the person who is answering , then can we do our work by introducing them to coc and also by introducing to ss , best response after the asker has finished working on the question ?
Haha if I'm on a question that I'm watching with a new person and a user and I see the user doing a good job every now and then I'll pop on and be like "Don't forget to give so-and-so a medal, they did a great job helping you" c;
i only say it when the asker closes the question without medaling anyone (although there were some who were worthy)
Well, yeah haha I wait until they are obviously done. c: I try not to be rude and butt in lol
Agreed on this point, and yes, there is a pop-up. Of course, we also mention and link to the Code of Conduct, but typically people blow right past those in an effort to ask their question ;). I think I like Rebecca's approach best here, a nice, polite mention of the fact when necessary :)
yay #winning c:
:D yes she comments good :D
haha *curtsy*
@rebeccaskell94 would you comment on the questions i *respond* to? i always dont get medals :p lol jkjk
haha sorray. Well, not really, but I'll work on it c;

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