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Hello Ambassadors, so today I would like you all to vote upon the list of users who have applied to be Ambassadors. I'm looking for 5-6 nominations, which I can then review with the rest of the OpenStudy staff.

OpenStudy Ambassadors
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Should we tag them or just write their names?
The list I have is this: saifoo.khan eyad theviper loujoelou agentsniffles Akshay_Budhkar mud116 Yahoo! hba Please add any further nominations you may have to this group by today at the latest so everyone gets to see the full list and make a decision. I would like to make sure *everyone* gets a chance to see the full list and make their nominations. Also, please don't tag users here as you discuss, thanks!
Hehe, was typing when you wrote that Rebecca - so in answer, no, no tags ;)

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Other answers:

lol oops sorry
we can add people to the list? or no?
@lgbasallote - Yup, please do. However, I'd like all additions made to the list by the middle of today at the latest, so everyone has a chance to see the full list before decisions are made, cheers :)
1. saifoo.khan 2. loujoelou 3. Akshay_Budhkar my addition 4. Calcmathlete 5. waterineyes
i'm going to try and see how well the others do and if i see someone do well then i'll add that as my sixth :)
Like the format there @lgbasallote - I think that's the best way to present everyone's votes, then we can easily sort by everyone's choices. Also, if and when you find a sixth, would you mind posting your full list, with the 6th at the bottom? That way we can easily see everyone's full list of nominations :). Cheers!
So right now, we have to post the best five?
1. loujoelou 2. mud116 3. saifoo.khan my additions* 4. angela210793 5. apoorvk 6. calcmathlete *I'm not sure the people I'm adding actually want to be amby, I just think they'd do well at it.
1) Loujoelou 2) saifoo.khan My additions: 3) Diyadiya 4) Mimi_x3 5) apoorvk
Diya and Mimi do not want to be ambassadors.
Okay. Then: 1) Loujoelou 2) saifoo.khan My additions: 3) Diyadiya 4) apoorvk 5) Callisto
lol Diya is still on your list.
Do you want me to remove her?
She doesn't want to be amby.
Are you sure?
Yeah when we sent out those messages as a part of the committee I messaged her and she said "lol no"
Okay, my bad. I misunderstood. Diya does want to be one so this is my new list, as well 1. loujoelou 2. mud116 3. saifoo.khan my additions* 4. angela210793 5. apoorvk 6. Diyadiya
Hmm, also let's try and focus as much as possible on the people who have actually *asked* to be ambassadors - the people in my list are ones that directly asked to be considered. If anyone has expressed interest to any of you, please feel free to include them. Also, @ParthKohli - feel free to list six choices, I was only mentioning to LGB that if he was going to make an addition, to make sure and show his entire list again so we keep it clear. And I'd like to make sure that *every* Ambassador takes a look and contributes to this decision - awesome work so far everyone :)
Okay, so I'd like to keep this to the active Ambassadors - so please only tag them, thank you :)
revision of nomination 1. saifoo.khan 2. Akshay_Bufhkar 3. Loujoelou my additions 4. waterineyes 5. Diyadiya 6. Calcmathlete - pending (no confirmation he wants to become ambassador yet)
@rebeccaskell94 i talked with diya yesterday, she is ready to be an ambassador. She says that she has college so she would be busy for a while tho.
1. Saifoo.Khan 2. DiyaDiya 3.Apoorvk 4.Akshay_Budhkar 5.Angela210793 6. Loujoelou I was going to put callisto as one but he is already a mod so he does keep a good watch on people:)
Callisto is a she c; but I like your list
Hahah becca yea i noticed my mistake but then u already typed up lol
1. Saifoo Khan 2. Apoorvk 3.Akshay_Budhkar 4. eyad My additions : Callisto waterineyes
@cshalvey sir i want to add and vote for 2 more can i ?
Callisto is now a site mod, she won't be eligible for ambassador.
oh !!! great ..
I vote for these saifoo.khan eyad Akshay_Budhkar Yahoo!
Hey everyone, so far I've selected four of the nominees to be Ambassadors. I'm still finalizing the last one, but I figured I'd let you know what (you all) had decided on ;) @Saifoo.khan @Akshay_Budhkar @loujoelou @Diyadiya Make sure and let them know and say congratulations! Also, the Ambassador title will be conferred by tomorrow at the latest, thanks.
@saifoo.khan Congrats!! It's going to be fun working with you :D @Akshay_Budhkar Congratulations! I don't know you but I'm sure I'll get to over time. @loujoelou CONGRATS! :D I'm so excited for you! @Diyadiya YAY! You did it :D I'm looking forward to being A with you, as well. Great job, everyone! :3 I'm so proud of all of you c:
@saifoo.khan now i can say you're the first global intern turned ambassador @akshay_budhkar congrats ol' buddy! you deserve it a lot!! @diyadiya congrats for being the only girl on that list! you'll make a very good ambassador im sure!! @loujoelou parth was right to have trust in you ;) he saw a pretty good talent in the making :D
Lalay is a good choose to become an Ambassador.
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! I get to work with both of my brothers @saifoo.khan @Akshay_Budhkar and my sister!!!! @Diyadiya yaaayyy!!! and it will be nice working with lou!
Congratulations @saifoo.khan @Akshay_Budhakar @Diyadiya :D
\(\color{red}{\normalsize\text{~}}\color{orange}{\normalsize\text{C}}\color{#9c9a2e}{\normalsize\text{O}}\color{green}{\normalsize\text{N}}\color{blue}{\normalsize\text{G}}\color{purple}{\normalsize\text{R}}\color{purple}{\normalsize\text{A}}\color{red}{\normalsize\text{T}}\color{orange}{\normalsize\text{S}}\color{#9c9a2e}{\normalsize\text{!}}\color{green}{\normalsize\text{!}}\color{blue}{\normalsize\text{~}}\color{purple}{\Large \text{ヅ}}\)
not to be rushing anyone or anything....but the ambassadors arent badged yet?
Hi @lgbasallote - no, they haven't been badged yet. I wanted to confirm the final choice for Ambassador (based on all of your votes). @apoorvk also has been chosen by the group :) The badges should become live today, thanks!
Oh yes they are live now .. congrats to all new ambys'
hahaha wowwww looks nice!!!!
I see the 'A' now :D
And I think that it's the ambassadors' limit.

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