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I just want to request Openstudy Moderators here. . Please appoint or be here in the chat of maths especially . Many abusive words and off topic (high level ) topics or words are been said or discussed very easily .. We as being ambassadors tried to let them know about Openstudy CoC . But the response are only lol , haha , :D , :P etc.. But there are many at present .... I know that we can solve this problem by reporting them .. But at that time the os image will go down ..

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You're proposing a temporary fix to a chronic problem. :P
this is a lie.... dont listen to him mods
The decisions by the admins are not the temperory fixes. . I think that tthey will get a gr8 solution soon ..

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Other answers:

those old users help many people :D
@mathslover I just made a post last night requesting we get a mod or two for the "dead times". Probably an Easterner as most trolls are from 2-5am EST, however I think for normal day-to-day maybe making someone who is on at least somewhat regularly during the day would be a good idea, as they could help keep an eye on things. @across more people could help. I don't think we need a ton of mods but maybe just a couple more could help.
just to be innocent O.O
I also agree that there should be a few more mods to cover things when it gets out of hand.
oh k @rebeccaskell94 I agree but i will say that to also look up on chat ... I dont know whether they look there or not . But i hope that they will soon look out on this and get a soln ... @Hashir i agree that old users helped students .. Sorry but i should have mentioned that there are only 2 - 3 ... Mods can check up the chat history also .
I dont know about that should there be " MORE Mods appointed or not " But i will say that if possible then please atleast 2 mods should be there who can check the chat comments ...
@mathslover why can't you just report these users?
pratu as i mentioned that : i know that reporting is a solution of that but what about that particular time when the off topic comments were posted .. and this will surely make the os image bad in the vision of the new users
Yes. @Hashir but that's part of being a mod. I don't think it's possible to just make a "chat mod". But yeah, either way we definitely need a few more people watching chat a little more. Or maybe coming when someone is reported. I mean I don't mean these things in a whiny way whatsoever but you can't report them but so much before it's just frustrating that users can come on and completely disregard CoC and think it's a game for hours on end.
Yes right @rebeccaskell94
Kids troll all the time. Even if we grant everyone banning privileges, there will be more than one window of opportunity for these brats to have fun at will; people have lives to lead and will, sooner or later, not have as much time as they used to. I fell victim for this: I used to frequent this site on a daily basis. Now I can't afford to do that anymore. I'd suggest we give an honest look to the problem and ask ourselves: how desperate are we in need of a solution? Tell me, is it imperative that we ban trolls on sight? This is why I believe that the ability to report posts is good enough, as @pratu043 already mentioned.
Eh, across makes a logical point. I agree with her.
The only solution(as Becca pointed out) is to get some Orientals into the mod team, or else this will become a troll place
this is a privilege to watch the awesomeness of @across first hand \[\huge \color{purple}{\textbf{}}\]
I suggest people to not feed the trolls, but they won't listen to 'unofficial authorities'.
Have a look at this pic. It clears everything.
1 Attachment
eh i also agree with u @across ....... @ParthKohli is right : We want some mods for a chat look up here .. ( not only for chat look up ... )
@across i agree that kids troll but why on maths chat ?
There is no otk(on the keyboard) moderator I see during the dead time. We need to fix this.
i would say "do not engage. consider armed and dangerous" but heh my words worth nothing :p like parth's better to just keep quiet and report. they know what they're doing so no need to tell them. if you engage them they'll just do it more
Guys, Colm has already answered this question.
Lol. Reporting still does nothing. 1) There are not a lot of active senior members who use the report feature at the dead days. 2) Mods are off, so we'd have to wait till the morning(US time).
@ParthKohli isnt callisto online during those dead times?
She is, but I still didn't see her on the chat for that troll time. She did come but she went back after the hellos.
Reporting *does* do something. It's just not a magical button that brings a mod right that instant.
well all the other easterners are ambassadors..
right @ParthKohli ..... rebecca .. i agree that reporting does something .. But not at that very right instant. .i have to go now !!! please suggestions will be welcomed from all users regarding this question/idea/problem... thanks !!
Thanks for bringing this on, @mathslover . I like this.
remind me..which is the one being discussed here again? the trolling? or the offline mods? because those are different topics...
Thanks !!! but i hope that this idea will be " ON " as soon as possible
@lgbasallote We are relating trolling --- > banned by mods
Both are interrelated, @lgbasallote. The root cause to the problem is the offline mods.
well in my opinion..there's nothing that can be done to trolls. i mean you cant stop it. it's part of a social networking site
I honestly think that @across was right. There is only so much we can do. Mods can and *do* do their jobs. I think reporting is sufficient for the time being, maybe adding an extra mod for dead times, but even then they won't be on all day/night (timezone) But they have lives that are not centered around a bunch of high school and middle schoolers. I think we should give them a little more credit.
The restrictions to become a moderator should be lessened as we have many deserving people who do not become mods. lgba is an example.
so the only thing you can actually control is the mod thing
but some mods seem to be online but they are afk .. .... Is it socially networking site ?
lol parth dont bring my name to this thingy
Yes it is a social networking site, and the mods do stay logged on but afk. But, as I mentioned in a previous post that method isn't working that well.
maybe because someone revealed that they were afk? lol
@rebeccaskell94 : basically there are trolls in maths chat ... i agree that there may be some laughters there in maths .. as maths is just everything breaking subject but trolling continously and going high level off topic is not a good thing
honestly i dont think adding mods is gonna help. it's just extra load for admins to watch over. maybe people power will work better
I think that people(lgba) should be given a chance for modship, as they are not tested on a \(\mathbf{360^{\circ}}\) basis.
People power. Well, I just told you how they don't listen to the unofficial power.
Parth stop trying to nominate people for being a mod. The site mods are more than capable.
Not nominating, nope. I am trying to communicate that there should be more mods.
actually...a lot have declined
about which idea @lgbasallote regarding nominating mods or abt this idea
what idea
which is declined ?
He says that a lot of people have declined to become mods.
a lot of people declined being mod
oh ok !! but many are left also
well back to the topic at hand...i think if you take away one then you take away the troll...i mean a person cant troll alone. he'll just be ignored then he'll stop..but when there are two or need to take away one to stop it
I've already talked to Colm about the "dead times" too.
That's what I pointed above, and as I said, they are not ready to listen to unofficial authorities.
okay new idea..counter-troll duo/team...back in the days..we had good trolls..they made the chat lively but didnt do anything bad...during those times there were no bad trolls...i think the good trolls need to come ack
back* one can just do it like the old times
Why would we need trolls here period? Somethings they do get on peoples nerves.
Honestly sometimes trolls cause the problems too.
to get rid of trolls you need to ask why do they troll? the answer is because the chat is becoming boring...change that take away the trolls
okay OS is going down now so im going to study
Well we don't have to take them away completely. in a sense. we just need somebody who will monitor what they say and do. Sometimes things get out of hand.
One of my troll dupes is a good example. I use that one to make the chat lively, and also to help people the interesting way.
I think we want some suggestions/ideas from moderators here
I agree.
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I will be responding to this asap - I'm on the road right now and should be back in about an hour, thanks!
Well... This should honestly, be Interesting.
I'm awaiting with bated breath.
So much troll hatred. I'm hurt. My actual feeling on this is that the current situation is pretty much fine. More mods wouldn't hurt, but we don't need a lot more. Here's why 1) Most trolling is harmless. The solution isn't to shut it down, but to laugh at it or ignore it. 2) The trolling that IS harmful will occasionally happen, and there's nothing you can do to prevent it. All you can do is take it down when you see it and then discourage that user from repeating. 3) That's what the mods are doing already. It's not going to happen as quickly as you might like, but realistically, it never will. As Across pointed out, having constant moderation of the chat is just not a viable option. Tl;dnr: Lower your sensitivity to trolling and your expectations for mod response time.
I agree with @SmoothMath I think the team understands the need and there are apt no. of moderators :) But let's hear the views of @cshalvey
oops I mean the OpenStudy Team
He should be returning in an hour. maybe 2 or so.
I agree with Smoothie, as well.
I can agree. but sometimes there are things that shouldn't be said. Are in fact said. and some people start retaliating. what can we do about THAT part of the problem.
We can't just keep reporting them forever.
We keep our mouths shut, and report them. Yes, but it's our option atm. Most of us are high schoolers and honestly, I think we need to be a little more mature. As fun as counter-trolling is at times, most of the time it's just people being vindictive and rude.
You already know how hard that is for me.
lol I do indeed. But you need to remember the greater good c;
Yeah. I can understand that.
You're a boss, Ledah. I know you just want to help people. You just need to make sure when you're helping you're helping everyone involved not just the person you are defending. I think you do a great job overall, though. :)
I've noticed that too. and I'm going to work on that.
I honestly just want to help out.
I know you do :) As do I. I think you come of with great ideas and I know your heart is just to see things change and see this site grow.
So a lot of good points have been brought up here, and I hope to address them all. I think the best way to start is by explaining our position - we absolutely believe that OpenStudy is a community that functions best when it governs itself. This is why we have 'Report Abuse' buttons next to literally *every* interaction on site. This is why it is so important for users to use that function in order to allow us to do our jobs. For example, last night between 1 and 5AM there were actually very few abuse reports made. This feeds into @SmoothMath's point - honestly the best thing to do in situations involving overly aggressive/annoying users is to hit the Report Abuse and walk away. When you engage you actually make it worse. With all that being said, we are still working on introducing new moderators, especially for that late night time. As for everyone else, we ask that you help us out by reporting issues as they arise, and trying not to feed into them when they occur. Because, I can absolutely guarantee you they will always occur unfortunately ;)
Cheers :3
I figured that much would be said. In any case. Very well put.
i still believe creating a comedy team can help. a comedy team is funny. but not rude and trollish. it will liven the chat and prevent the users from being so bored that they troll....but i guess im just too out-of-the-box
I agree with u colm sir !! thanks a lot for having a view on this .. I know that this problem is surely going to be solved by os .. I just put here my idea / point .thanks
I've noticed the problem happens mostly when the mods aren't online (during their night time in the Americas), so appointing global moderators in different timezones of the world might help in better 'law-enforcement'. Appointing Callisto was a very good step in this direction I believe.
I agree with @apoorvk and as I mentioned appor (and you noticed lol) Is that the trolls are between 1-5am EDT/EST. And I loves Calli :3 haha
Well, doesn't this kind of thing happen round day time when there aren't any mods around?

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