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Filter Usernames? Some trolls just come on with the filthiest names.

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That's why they immediately get banned. However, it might be an interesting idea if there is some mechanism in place to prevent these usernames from being used. Perhaps the filter could effect the usernames as well?
I'm all for this idea.
To be honest, we're thinking about dropping the filter altogether. Since most people already know what everything means, and are willing to explain it to those who don't, it's not particularly effective to begin with.

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Other answers:

Oh yea thats pretty good..
Would there be some new filter where everything is just replaced with stars, or something similar to that?
Oh well I suppose we could do that…
Ohh! king i like your idea!!
Hehe. That's actually a solid plan. Replace all of them with 4 stars or something.
High five king!
High five!
Awesome! Great thinking guys!
We shall discuss. One of the problems with applying this to usernames, by the way, is that we rely on spaces (word boundaries) to figure out when things should be filtered and such.
I also have another great point we need to bring into the spotlight. What about some of the pictures users put into their profiles? I've noticed some really revealing images.
I have too. But not for a while
It's a little tougher to report those sadly, but if you report any of their posts or anything and let us know in the text box that it's for their profile picture, we have the ability to clear it.
Very well. I'm just getting tired of the level some people stoop to for help. :l
some foreign name sound like swear word in english
well my user name is Hebrew and it means birth.
I've addressed the clothing (or lack of) thing as well in feedback and was told to just report them. It seems like people are using provocative pictures to get help quicker. A great example is when I was getting help from a well-known user and this other user came on my problem asking for help and well-known user said "not right now I'm helping Becca and she's cuter" (in an innocent, funny way) and they came back with "how about now" and a pic showing off a woman's breasts. It's annoying. Second of all, I think there needs to be some sort of filter. Just getting rid of it doesn't seem wise. I like the idea of the stars but (idk if this is possible) what about a way so that when one of these words hits a filter it somehow makes that word invisible? So if someone says (for example) "Why the fu did you..." It would just say "Why the did you..." :D Just my extra random thoughts and such.
I like the idea of making it invisible, it would really be good. But, what if ( just crazy, weird possible things) if they for example, do that thing like dafu- thing? I mean its still cursing, and then these kids used multiple meanings for this word slurpee, this slushie thing but then they used multiple meanings for the word, and noone cared So couldnt this be possible, and then cause a new meaning?
By the way the kids were in my school What.... ninnyhammers: means a lightheaded, wild person
You have a point. "Dafuq" isn't typically considered offensive though. You are 12 on a site with a bunch of high schoolers+, so keep that in mind. The slurpee/slushie thing I have no idea about unless you are talking about someone getting wasted. Anywhoozies, I think it would be fun to try out at least. They could put in the different variations of words to be changed as they wished.
The problem with making the filter so that the words were suddenly invisible, is that users would have a harder time reporting it, and us mods would have a tough time finding when this happens. Overall, I think that would make our jobs harder.
I still like King's star idea:D
The problem is that systems go through the path of least resistance. Ban the word flar and people will type f l a r. Ban that variant somehow and people will use f 1 a r, etc, etc. There are innumerable ways to bypass a filter, which is why back in the day I argued against instituting one to begin with. We did it, it's shown its weakness like it has in every community I've seen that has something like it, and it's probably time it went the way of the dodo.
But is it possible that there is some detectant that whatever the amount of spaces they put in the word, and its still spells it out somehow, it still filters it?
I imagine it would be very resource intensive to do that.
It's not exactly straightforward to do it, but again, when you start dealing with spaces, they start doing something else, be it using numbers, using letters and Unicode code points that can stand in (fIip that burger, that's not an l!), using other characters in between (f-l.i*p it up!). The human mind is fantastic at detecting patterns—far quicker than the computer. We can bury a cuss word in innumerable ways, and keeping up with those ways is rarely a viable proposition.
Man! this is some hard thinking!!!
what a person would do just to curse :(
Ah, I understand, Shadow. You make many good points. It easy extremely easy to bypass a filter and after the first few times someone gets the filter they laugh and, as you said, go around it. With the: "I meant b l a h" If you do away with the filter, are we just expected to report them, or does the OS team have any plans for that? I mean, I guess really, if we stop and look at it, most older users don't swear and if they do it's so rare they are only doing it to make a point and most new users could be trained, or leave. Overall, while it's a topic for this post cussing isn't really *that* bad on here and I'm sure what does come through could be moderated relatively easily. Lol Lgba has a point. People really do work too hard to swear.
I think the main purpose of a filter would be to cause a person some thought when what they read is not what they wrote. Some people are just vulgar and foulminded naturally and think nothing of spitting out a few obscenities along the normal flow of a conversation. My aunt was like that - every other word had to be cursing. It is when they have to go out of their way to get the same vulgarity across that it should become obvious that they are not mature enough to play here and should be warned or banned as a consequence ... imo
I just had a thought, what about a BotMod? You can already have the means to trip a flag and filter; how about sending a warning as well?
Amistre has a very good point. Some honestly, don't even know how offensive it is. So I think (for me) a filter is still a good idea. haha my extended family is like that Amistre xD I seriously think, that as many adjectives are at their disposal they could afford to find new ones. What is BotMod?
Robot Moderator
Lol should I google it? What does it do?
That's a cool idea for the normal users. Let's see what the admins have to think of the Great A. Mistretta. ;)
It could take care of the obvious infractions that dont require much consideration and flash a warning or a ban.
This seems swell. I'm with Amistre :D
AOL used to have a mechanism in place that if you sent chat messages to quickly it thought you were spamming and would kick you from the room ...
haha was on this site called tinychat a week or so ago and it does something similar.
Mods are already notified of other mod activities, and this could send out the same notif so that a RealMod could step in to examine the situation too
@amistre64 is an example of a botmod
!!! Does Not Compute !!!
I think they tried for a time to have a Bot. I used to consider OwlFred a Bot :)
I don't foresee us automating moderation activity. We've started doing a good bit on the front of heuristics, and we will continue more. I'm tossing around some ideas for new types of moderator notifications. The site can certainly make some pretty good educated guesses about bad behavior, but I, personally, want a human making the final call.
*finds dictionary* Okay, now I can make an intelligible reply. I agree. :D Maybe you could do like :O I've got it! What if on the report button you guys have a drop down (as well as the box where you can explain what happened) that gives you options as to why you are reporting them. Ideas are: swearing, inappropriate pic, just wanting/giving answers etc etc. Then if you want to maybe you could somehow make so that say the mods think swearing is super guys get notifications when that report was made. I don't know what coding and such would have to go into that, though. (Forgive me shadow)
the sizzle and fry notification might be useful ;)
Hm. A more intelligent report box could be useful.
what's wrong with the usual report box?
Programming a 'smart' string parser was one of the toughest challenges I encountered as a CS undergraduate; the problem gets increasingly tougher as you work on it. When it comes to filtering inappropriate words in usernames, the approach I would vouch for is the strict use of roman letters, numbers, and the underscore symbol, for example (the same way most programming languages check identifiers... call me a robot). JamesJ brought an interesting issue once, though: some legitimate words may actually take the form of inappropriate ones. For example, the name 'wingspan' (which is also the German word for fat). Another problem I can think of is: how do we deal with those users who already have names that don't follow the template? This is why I never liked software engineering: everything begins to crumble the moment you get into the implementation stage because you forgot something critical whilst brainstorming for ideas six years ago.
So, in regard to dealing with users who didn't already meet the template that's a non issue. They are already permabanned where we know about them and if they aren't they shortly will be. Problem, meet solution. ;) That said, if we had to alter those accounts we could easily write a database migration to do it. We have the technology.
But when you run into those issues you get to refactor! Refactoring is so much fun! :D Honestly, we see a lot less cussing in usernames than in actual posts anyway. For the record, I'm one of the people who cusses a pretty solid amount in day-to-day conversation. I don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with it. But there are certain societal norms for areas where adults and children mingle, and that's what we are adhering to. Others do not agree with me that there's nothing fundamentally wrong, and this is a public site, so we stick to what's commonly accepted as proper behavior.
Lol my post has become complicated. :P
Look what you did, Kc! ;P
Shame shame shame on me:) jkjk:P
lol no shame. c;
We really need a photo filer too, sometimes I see some not so good pics 0_o
Haha, I can totally picture OS implementing a neural network that bans anyone with a picture it's been trained to recognize as offensive... to then have a big lady with beautiful, round cheeks be banned all the sudden. lol
I said something about the Photo's already @waheguru o_o its up the the earlier posts..
Lol, thats not what I mean but sometimes the angle of the picture, which I think is bset suited for facebook or the poses just dont seem to fit in a learning environment, I could be wrong but its just a suggestion
You mean the diagonal shots etc? right?
New brilliant idea @shadowfiend. What if, instead of replacing it with 4 stars or something similar, it was replaced with [REDACTED]. It still wouldn't help with detecting it, but the first time someone discovered it, it would hopefully be somewhat amusing, and easy to spot.
[REDACTED] You need the brackets. It's funnier that way.
is it like [ACCESSDENIED]
Something like that. It's just [REDACTED] is a more common form in which certain things are censored.
that one?
Yup. The third definition.
Personally I love the word-filter and would like it if it's not done away with. Even though people know what the filtered-words mean, that's not the whole point. It serves as a great reminder to people that we are an educational site at all times and profanity is not accepted or tolerated. Also tones down the 'cussing-effect'. Plus, always worthwhile reading the bewildered 'reactions' of users who do it the first time ;)
And our inventory of 'words' is so innovative, it's iconic in it's own way for us OS users lol. If someone says 'pellet' when they're angry, you know you're with a true OS-lover :P
I completely support this. Open study is meant for learning and imparting knowledge. Fun and entertainment is always accompanied with studies, but a boundary should be drawn. Apart from usernames , display pics , chat forum content and post's content should also be strictly monitored.
@anjali_pant I agree but how do you pose we can put a boundry on the user pics? as well as chat content
@waheguru Ummm , first of all we both are members of open study , and not moderators or administrators , so its not in our hands to impose any restriction. When a topic like this has come up and is being discussed , so I just acquainted the moderators and my friends with my ideas on this topic. Drawing a line/boundary , in this context , just means that promoting and making education widespread is great , but certain restrictions should be imposed , so that things do not go beyond control and a healthy ambiance prevails.

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