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Release July 17, 2012 "The Troll Toll"

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You gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boy's soul.
Sorry about the extended downtime this morning, folks. There was one main cause for this and the main focus of today's release: Medal counts. We reapplied all medal points for all users from 0, so your smartscore may have seen an increase (or a decrease possibly, if others jumped ahead of you). Regardless, it should be The Most Accurate (tm). Also included was: - A potential fix for some nasty 'Connection Lost' messages that have appeared randomly. - Actually remove 'queued-uploads' when you click the 'X'. These were still getting sent.
Oh my gawwdd. You guys are amazhing. pfft I have 826 medals now. Like a boss.

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Other answers:

As always, let us know if were screwed anything up. More goodness to come in the short term future! ;)
Where does the word "Troll" come from in that title?
Sometimes a little mystery never hurt ;)
I see, sir. Did you do anything related to trolls but didn't include it in the release note? Or did you want to make the title attractive?
Mystery, Parth. Mystery...
@mattfeury great work guys Thanks
lol mine increased by about 1000 medals nice
@ . @
did "People Helped" increase as well? i think mine increased. im not sure
Mine is the same.
Yours is the same too.
Parth is a professional stalker. Beware of this boy.
Goodness why do you two obsess so much over these stats? -_-
I had an idea of how it's 200 more than mine.
lol @smoothmath I never even payed attention to my medals until I heard Parth talking about his and then I looked out of curiosity xD
i dont obsess in stats o.O

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