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Propsal: New OS Feature Allows Individual Users To Disable Chat

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Not every user wishes to engage in chat. In many ways, for some users, chat can become quite a distraction. Therefore, I propose embedding a feature that allows individuals, if they choose to, to disable that chat from their profile, this way, they won't have to worry about being bothered or distracted by it. They should be allowed to enable or disable it whenever they feel it is necessary. It will help users stay focused on either answering questions or getting the help they need. Just a suggestion. I'm open to criticism, but I just want to say that this feature isn't necessarily for every user, so if you feel that this feature would not be useful for you, you can respectfully disregard it. But for those who do, feel free to respectfully critique it.
Why not just minimize it?
@rebeccacaskell94, the point is that minimizing does not suffice as a solution. If that was enough, I would not have made the suggestion. Obviously just seeing the chat, regardless of whether or not it is minimized is still a distraction.

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Other answers:

Its a nice idea..But can we enable it back after we disable it?
Yes, hopefully. I did mention that "enabling it again" should be an option.
Ok so then its a pretty good idea. But minimizing is the thing to do right? But this would also be nice.
I like the idea too. Only thing I'd say is that being able to enable it again can still serve as an urge/distraction. But then again, you would have to REALLY, REALLY not want to do what you're doing for that to happen and would defeat the purpose. Anyway, I like the idea since the flashing can get distracting. I was just speculating before.
the orange thingy does bother me sometime :(
Kinda of like a hide feature... that would be cool! :]
theres a chat? I have often wondered if we could toggle the live preview at times.
That would hinder people who utilize chat. I mean if a mod like you saw what a kid like ummm you know someone else does...that could be ugly. xD
Yeah, we've played with this idea. It's certainly something people want, but there are design and usability issues that are in play, unfortunately, which is why it hasn't been solved yet. Anyway, all that to say: solid suggestion. We just don't have a good solution ready to implement.
Well i joint more groups and then i am unable to see maths chat. .. that is most active chat ..
i joined more groups to avoid seeing math chat haha lol
That's not exactly a solution, okay. Joining more groups from my experience just leads to more lagging
I keep very few groups open at a time
I just hate the clutter from more groups. I try to only have at most 5 groups at a time up.
i am having at present 15 groups :D ... just like to engage my self there
i agree with this proposal. Chat does at times irritate and distract you which creates problem in answering questions or understanding them!
I HAZ QUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wrong thingymajog
The last proposal was better.
I really hope we can implement this eventually. Or at least a way to disable the flashing message notifications. It really is distracting.

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