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Why are users' profile pages titled "______'s Smartscore?" There's so much more there.

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So much more what?
Things on a person's profile that aren't smartscore: Profile picture name school bio fans fan testimonials questions asked questions answered medals received most active topics teamwork score problem solving score engagement score stupid graph thing It is dumb to hav all of that on a page and label that page "Smartscore," especially when people's smartscores are visible on the main page, which means that anyone viewing a profile is NEVER there to look at the person's smartscore.

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Other answers:

Smoothie has a point. It's a very good question.
Hmm, I get where you're coming from @SmoothMath - but the thinking was that your profile is your 'SmartScore Profile.' And it has to have a name right? I get the list of other things you have listed, but what would you suggest naming it? "SmoothMath's Most Active Topics"? ;) So, SmartScore is an imperfect solution for sure - what would you (or anyone else) suggest as a different title?
"Smoothmath's Profile" seems to make much more sense to me. After all, to get there, you click "View Detailed Profile."
why am I still reading this?
im jusst staring at that owl at the top corner..... bored.
Fair enough - I'll bring that back to the team, see what others think of it. Nice work @SmoothMath - honestly, it was something I didn't really notice (I have WAY too many tabs open at once to be able to read the titles) ;)
Just to play devil's advocate for a second here, most of the profile page is dedicated to the smartscore. However, I completely agree that it would make more sense to be titled as something else.
"Smoothmath's Profile" seems drab though. it doesnt have that "KAPOW!"
since the site's mascot is an owl would be nice for it to be called "Smoothmath's Nest" but i think the-nest got the TM on that one already
how about "Smoothmath's Owlhouse"? or "Smoothmath's branch" or even "Smoothmath's Tree" idk lol. im running out of words related to owls

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