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A community for students.

Branching off from this pretty much resolved specific discussion: I want to get right to the heart of the purpose of whatever "leadership" symbols there are in this community. Moderators, Admins, Ambassadors, or what have you, the reason for it all goes back to a singular purpose. One goal, the goal of this website itself. Defining the purpose of the existence of this community itself comes to answering two core questions: \(\large Q1: \color{blue}{\textbf{What is the purpose of this website?}}\) (in your own words) \(\large Q2: \color{blue}{\textbf{Why do you choose to be here?}}\) Tangential, subsequent questions for feedback would include things such as the decisions needed regarding more/less moderators, ranks, how the ranks and symbols communicate messages to other users (i.e.: perceptions by other members), and such. But I feel these two questions need to be answered FIRST before brainstorming for decisions on the other finer questions can be addressed. Build the foundation before making the building, as they say.

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A1: The purpose of this website, to me, is to accomplish two goals: 1. To ask questions to help you learn & find answers, not just solely find the answer alone, or to have somebody help check your work, provided you are showing work and not only seeking just the answer. -AND- 2. To answer question's others have that you feel you have decent knowledge on enough to help them, but with the intent that you will try to teach them to fish rather than just give them a fish (not always possible, but try). Such help is strictly voluntary and receiving medals as thanks helps to acknowledge your hard work. (although the best reward is having the asker learn & remember what you have taught them)
A2: As for me, I got involved because I had some Calculus 2 questions I couldn't answer or didn't really understand. It's an online course I need to graduate in my major (I failed it on a previous semester), so @TuringTest, @mamahmit2012, and @KingGeorge have been continuously, immeasurably helpful to me in this endeavor (currently getting A's & B's in that class). And then I started answering questions others had that I saw, five times as many questions answered as I ask, typically for me. I answer a lot of question in the chemistry, physics, and math sections. I've had maybe one argument with @Blues over a copy & paste, maybe two people who were directly rude to me and uncalled for, but my experience on this website and its community has been OVERWHELMINGLY positive. Enough that I WILL recommend it to my college peers when I go back to campus this Fall. More people will join from my referral. Hopefully a lot more. That's good for the community, and hopefully we'll have more moderators as a result. I tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes internet trends. I was one of the first people to use Facebook back when it had just been released to any college (not just the one where it started) and you had to have a valid college email address to connect. I was one of the first to use Google, being fed up with the cluttered mess that Yahoo! had become and was referred to it by friends who were really involved in Linux. I was one of the first people to get involved with game modding, when it was still taboo (i.e.: Quake & Descent days) and later other such modders created Valve and later the TFC and Counter-Strike mods of Valve's mod that later got bought by Valve. So I know this website had been around for 24 months or more, and I don't mean to brag, but it's a very good sign that I found this place and wanted to become involved almost immediately. It's a sign that this place is ready to grow. (biggest restrictions holding us back are found over in that feedback tab to the left, and that I think there's an issue with many of the people who ask questions who get excellent, detailed extremely helpful help for 30min to an hour that never ever give out medals to people who help them or even say thank you, that discourages people from volunteering their time to help others) So, input please and please remember "to have fun and do your best" ^_^ (my personal motto quote) @lgbasallote @rebeccaskell94 @mathslover @Ledah @apoorvk @Callisto @dpaInc @mukushla @Agent_Sniffles @across @BTaylor @ParthKohli @Diyadiya etc.
Q1: I came to this website, initially, when I received a message from somebody on Wiziq. I couldn't believe that I started getting addicted to it, as a whole. I started to ♥ Mathematics. Whatever happens, my main purpose is to come to this site, and fulfil my love for Math. That is my only purpose as a whole - everything else is secondary. :) Q2: I self-taught myself by answering people, and that just satisfies the statement, "If one guy teaches another, two people learn." I am still on a learning journey, and I wish for my own best. This site is a start for my plans in the future. Thank you all who have motivated me! :) Parth

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Other answers:

I'd also love to thank this website, because it got me to reduce my Facebook time. I love this website as a whole.
I will forever be grateful to this website. It got me to start better study habits. I became a better student. so forgive me when I say "I believe we should have at least an extra two mods because math chat gets out of control when no mods are present" I will always do what I think should be done. So I will continue trying to keep chat a better place.
(Back to answering questions - helping people and me) Heh
I agree with you @agentx5 : lemme answer that 2 questions : \(\large{A1}\) : In my opinion the purpose of this site is to generate a connection between users themselves ... In an explained manner I meant that the main purpose is to : make a bond between the a user with another user. ...Answering questions , Asking doubts ... TO share your knowledge there are two ways ... either post some interesting facts regarding the topics in which one is expert or has a gr8 knoweldge .. or posting solutions not just answers but explained solutions so that the asker him/her sellf moves towards the correct answer ... The main aim is to just give the correct \(\large{\color{blue}{direction}}\) .. \(\large{A2}\) : My main purpose for entering this site was that : just had doubts and got an answer on this site..I was really impressed and then started a great deal of helping users up here with the help of @lgbasallote and @parthkohli Thanks to this site for helping in all ways
PS: Don't worry, there's no wrong answer here. This is strictly an open-ended opinions question, a chance to share your opinion and self-reflect a bit. :-)
That was an astonishing post. A1 for me is this: What is the purpose of this website? The purpose of OpenStudy is to help learners understand and excel at their schoolwork. Not only succeed with their schoolwork, but have fun while doing so. I have been given enormous amount of help on this site that I would have never gotten anywhere else. For me, (as well) it is to help answer questions. My question to answer ratio will show this. I love helping other people and seeing them succeed in their studies and even personal lives. A2 for me is this: Why do you choose to be here? I choose to come here because it is typically a productive use of my time. It keeps me from wasting time on sites that are purely a waste of time and brain cells. I learn new things consistently and feel as though my brain is expanding. I love the generally supportive community and the people here. I have never stayed "attached" to a site for more than a few weeks but four months later I'm still here, because this site stands out from many others. Quite simply, I choose to be here because of the people and the benefits of of giving and receiving help with studies. Thanks to OS and all the people that enhance anyone's experience here. c: xxx \[\text Rebecca \]
This site is awesome. No other words come to mind.
@Bambi , you and @Ledah are both on this website as a couple. Surely you two have your opinions on Q1 & Q2, I would like it if y'all could share those opinions, if you don't mind :-) Unique cases are especially interesting (remember, me = scientifically minded here)
Ok, I will look
Very well.
ty! ^_^
Q1, the purpose of this website to to connect through knowlege, or lach thereof, for subjects pertinent to your interests. Q2, I choose to be here because this site has more brains on it than facebook, which was my fav site until I discovered this on. :)
this one*
A1: The purpose for me was to find better study habits to make me a better student. I never used to like math. but now I get the formulas and methods. I feel like I can do math much better than I used to. A2: I feel that I should repay everyone's effort for making me a better student by helping, every way I can.
That includes helping with chat when it's out of control.
That was short and sweet, Ledah!
Oh yeah, I'd also like to thank @JamesJ and @mukushla for help with the Calc2 :-D
Q1: I believe it is in general just to help people. Whether they need long time help or are just stumped on one thing. Q2: I needed help with college math. I am glad the site is here and all but I would not go as far as to say it has changed my life or anything. Inspiring that some of you are affected that way though.
Q1:What is the purpose of this website? (in your own words) Mainly get help you need in school subject I guess (for some people). Q2:Why do you choose to be here? Maths/Physics are more than school subjects for me. And I here because @AccessDenied forced me to be here. (not really, he's super helpful and I'm grateful to him). And I'm happy to be here because I learn new stuffs =D
Q1 Basically its to help people with their studies. Q2 Its a great place to study . More stimulating than studying alone and its a great social experience ( for me anyway). I like to help people in mathematics , a subject which i find fascinating and i've also learnt a lot since i've joined.
Q1 To me I see this website as an extra resource when trying to study or do some work. I can see this website helping a whole community where the current resources are not enough. For example, I have trouble asking for help and I don't know how it started. It's hard for me to go up to a professor or even to study with a group of friends. I think this website can help those type of people. People who study on their own pace or when things get tough they have no where to go but this website. This place is magical as korny as it sounds but it truly does help people who are desperate for help and have no where else to go. Q2 I do it because I love helping people. That's pretty much how I can sum it up. It's also a great way for me to refresh on my material and it always keeps me on my feet.
@agentx5 I like that you thought about starting with a foundation before continuing on in various disagreement/debates/arguments. Props.
Aren't we all here for the same problem though? I mean discussion wise..?
Ledah -__- don't start things ;p I think Agentx5 actually has a very good strategy in having us do this "assignment" type thing.
I'm not trying to. We are all here for the same reason still, no?
Mostly everyone that knows me. know for a fact, I'm always short and to the point.

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