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I get no response after clicking the little icon avatary thing that is circled in the following attachment. I did click on smoothmath and myininaya, and I got a response from the click.

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because you can't messed with a matrix
did someone say avatar o.O

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Other answers:

That happens to me a lot too, Myin. Like, one dp will work but the one right next to it won't. It's weird.
that's because it's in the avatar state. you cant touch anyone in the avatars tate
avatar state*
Whose avatar was that by chance? I found an issue yesterday that resulted from @91's username being only numbers, which broke his tooltip in some spots. If it's a related issue, hopefully it should be fixed asap.
lol that was 91.
Hey! I didn't get a notification for this.
I said this before but it seems like I don't get all of my notifications. Is this a thingy caused by the some person with mutant hair?
Hmm, so some notifications, but not all, right?
It seems that way, but when I go to the thing that list all the notifications it says I was notified about this one... It just doesn't show up on the little hammer there above sometimes... (Oh and ignore the hair thing...that was some weird inside thing)
The same thing happened to me. Like, I saw the notification tag but I didn't get the pop-up thingy.
Lol I never saw that as a hammer before, but that's all I see now.
What is it suppose to be?
or an ax I guess
lol Just like you know, in art class they teach you about bubbles? Talking onces and thinking ones, etc...
I don't see that as a talk bubble.
It's *supposed* to be a sign post basically. Though now I too only see a hammer. Thor's hammer specifically.
THOR :D Chris Hemsworth...c; xD
I thought it was a hammer because you guys like to use the ban hammer on trolls.
One of these things: Like the thing you hold up at auctions? I'm not sure what they're called. I guess I only know that because we used to have Owlfred holding it.
That isn't a rick roll, right?
Nope. I checked it for you <.< >.>
Owlfred held up a sign that said 203? What does 203 mean?
Oh wait! Owlfred was trying to win something at an auction?
oh dear... forget it. *sigh* ;)
So apparently these things are called "bidding paddles". When you go to an auction, you have a paddle with a number on it, and when you want to bid, you raise this paddle and they mark yr number down. You are basically identified by yr number. In an old version of OpenStudy, all we had in the header was Owlfred holding a sign, like one of these paddles. The number on the sign was yr notification count, however, and clicking on it, brought down a notification dropdown. It was less an auction paddle, and more just a sign. So I guess the moral of the story is: they're probably not the same thing, but now you know how to bid at auctions.
I'm looking for a screenshot of the old OS but I can't seem to find one :(
*takes notes*
Why not bring back the whole Owlfred holding that bidding paddle up thing instead of the bidding paddle alone? You guys forget how cute Owlfred is and also the seeing that thingy as a hammer is still there implanted in my mind.
I like owls. Blue ones. Named Owlfred.
ok here's a trip down memory lane, with helpful Owlfred in the header:
1 Attachment
By the way thanks for the trip. It was stellar. (I just stole that word from shadowfiend; don't tell)
I say stellar all the time... I bet he stole it from me >.> I like that owl! I have to say, though, that I like (overall) from what I can see of that layout and this one, I like this one a lot more. Seems more open, somehow. haha

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