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is practice the best way to master math?

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Not thoughtless practice. Practice the uncomfortable.
math is just like a musty practice to be good. unless your just born good.
well math isn't like memorizing facts so i guess practice makes perfect :)

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Other answers:

oh. i m a newbie here. thans for the advice bt i find math comfortable
alex i love your pic man.
@rayford Nobody is born good at math.
absolutely looool
Great question. I think that practice can be valuable and it can be wasted. You can practice a technique over and over again until you're fantastic at it, but if you don't understand the mathematical concepts, you won't be able to see when that technique applies and be able to use is properly.
yep. i agree too. :)
Some things just need to be practiced. Understanding of concepts is more important in general, however.
@SmoothMath Presumably by practicing the uncomfortable, you see new situations where the properties of mathematics are demonstrated, and so you gain new understanding.
My pleasure! =D
my calculus professor told me two philosophies 1) KISS -Keep It Simple, Stupid! you need to simplify the question and understand it as much as possible 2) Just Do It - do not hesitate. If you make a mistake try to continue and still arrive with the answer, if you can't feel free to start from the beginning however, i offer you this wisdom, experience is very important. there will come a time wherein you have seen a math problem so many times you can actually solve it without thinking
I feel that although practice is important, if you don't understand the concept, you're not gonna get keep on working at it and make sure you understand the ideas and concepts before moving on :)
Oh I see @SmoothMath already said that...
try to teach someone the things you know using simple language
UnkleRhaukus makes a good point. Try to understand the concepts well enough that you can explain them in a simple way that makes sense to you.
SmoothMath makes a good point. UnkleRhaukus does make a good point.
Badreferences has a good point. I made a good point about UnkleRhaukus having a good point.
|dw:1343104555493:dw| now i have a point too -_- hisss
@lgbasallote wow. very true. n u guys rocks. man i didnt thought it will be so enligting. thanxs buddy
lgba, that point is a bad one. It's clearly more of a squiggle.
we make the best points when we're bored ^_^
i guess im just not bored enough
|dw:1343104676039:dw| A good point^
SmoothMath has a good point. His point is really good.
Practice does not make perfect. It makes permanent. (From great hockey master ;) )
haha thx rayford :D

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