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any body know anything about a book called Lord Of The Flies?

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YES! Read it twice :D
It's a lovely book about human nature! :)
That book was horrible! :O

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Other answers:

Really? Well I liked it, and I'm not even the one who read it twice.
IT was about boys who got stranded on an islnad some died..xD
:O i have to do discussion questions on it and the book seems really boring
Defend and/or criticize Ralph’s actions as leader. What were his motivations? Did he contribute to the tragedy in any way? Could he have acted to prevent any of the deaths? What would you have done differently in his situation?
its like 5 long questions -_-
Is this supposed to be summer work? Because Sparknotes is your friend
If you don't want to read it, just use Sparknotes. It's a good place to start
ok thx
That's totally from FLVS, and you can use as well.
lol you stalking me too @Loujoelou ? jk
Lol it's cause I had to do that exact same thing on FLVS. Almost done with the Eng. I Honors class now.
you should help meh!!!
with what? :)
this assignment!! i have to do the question thingys!!
You have to answer 2 discussion questions out of 5 or something like that?
yea. dont make me read the book!
I used common sense for the 2 questions I had to answer. For instance, the question it asks about what if it was all girls on the island or half boys/half girls on the island, I wrote: I still believe that if it were girls, that they would be different. They are more mature than guys when they are young as in the story and I believe that they would have been able to withstand the island for a longer time than the guys. Most young girls are not violent, and lots of them are smart. They would have built shelters first instead of trying to find food, and they would have been rescued by the ship that passed by then, cause there fire would have been showing, unlike the guys. Unless they were all girlie-girls, and could not stand the island, they would have survived. Also, I believe a mixed group of guys and girls would have done even better. For instance, the guys could keep the fire going and hunt, while the girls would build the shelter and improve their residence. They would all have coordinated well hopefully, for the sake of their lives, and would have been able to live like a civilized civilization for an even longer amount of time. If you need any help, I'll show my microsoft word project I did for the book.
^_^ thanks!
No prob. :)
Glad I could help :)
dang!! all that is one question?? goshh! lol but yea thanks
No prob. :) Don't remember what the question was, let me go on FLVS quickly to see.
Question: Suppose the plot of Lord of the Flies involved a planeload of marooned girls, or a mixed group of girls and boys, instead of all boys. Do you think the same violent and cruel tendencies would have emerged on the island? Explain your answer in detail. If you think the outcome would have been different, explain how and why.
Locate ten other unfamiliar/unknown words.

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