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pentagon ABCDE ~ pentagon FGHIJ. Use the figures below to answer the following questions @jim_thompson5910

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you're missing the figures
or the following questions
sorry i keep getting distracted
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Other answers:

that's ok
AB corresponds to FG
So FG/AB = 6/8 = 0.75 is the number you multiply each side length in the larger pentagon to get the corresponding side length in the smaller pentagon
8 times 0.75 = 6
oh wait, i read that sec
oh for some reason, it still works out...lucky coincidence but yes, you multiply by 0.75
to go backwards, you divide by 0.75
notice how FJ corresponds to AE
and FJ = 6 So AE = FJ/0.75 = 6/0.75 = 8 which means AE = 8
so then i had it right?
yes, sry i didn't see that til now
ok, cool and for #14 it would be 2.5?
no no no it would be 3
which side corresponds to IJ?
CD, so it would make it 3? correct?
this is why this problem is a bit confusing
the second pentagon should be rotated slightly clockwise so that FG matches up with AB
now tell me what ij corresponds to
did you do the rotation? this will make F the bottom most point
so ij corresponds to ???
which side from ABCDE
now multiply that length by 0.75 to find ij
try it again 5 times 0.75 = ???
de = 5
fg would be 4?
fg corresponds to ???
good FG = 0.75 times AB
you nailed it
thanks, this will be the last one i promise
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The two triangles are similar So AD/ED = BD/CD 35/16 = 25/x Now solve for x
35/16 = 25/x 35x = 16*25
7 6/7
no it's not any of those answer choices
x is the length of CD
which isn't listed
35x = 16*25 35x = 400
sorry cat walked on the kep board... and i dont get wat i do next
that's ok, divide both sides by 35
45 divided by 35, and what else by 35?
ok now subtract this from 25
which is closest to which answer choice?
13 4/7
13.6 is closest to 13 6/7
your first response is correct
13.6 is closest to 13 4/7
which is the answer
13 4/7
thank you,... i was just wondering, but are u like a teacher or something?
i'm a student learning to become one
your are amazing
why thank you, i appreciate the compliment
your are verry verry welcome, you helped me out so much that i officaly have a B in geometry ( summerschool) i had failed it the first time idurring the year, i dont know what i would have done with out you...
i'm glad i could help you out, you're very smart and it sounds like you're starting to get the hang of this stuff, which is great
thank you :)
you're welcome

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