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At the bank of a river, by measurement, a = 18 ft. b = 30 ft. c = 24 ft. d = 14 ft. How long is x? How long is y? Angle --> The answer should be to the nearest tenth or as a fraction. x = ? ft. y = ? ft.

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do u know that they are similar triangles
well, yes but im not sure how to set up the problem with the triangles... im pretty slow-minded when it comes to math..
all similar triangles have angles that 180 degrees when added to together.

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Other answers:

now in the problem let's take this on triangle at time, let's start with first one
let's do the first triangle, in the first triangle we a right angle which is 90 degrees, now given the info from the problem we can now solve this by thinking about sin, cos , tan here.
hey you here or what??
okay when ready plz reply .
lol im sorry i was at an appt haha i just got back
hey want some help??
yes lolz we seem to be missing each other lol
tag your it lol
lolz okay :P we finally caught up huh
cheer cheer clap!! :)
so can u help me please? lol
yes I can I want to know what you know already, this is so I don't repeat stuff that you can already.
for this problem.
this is trig right??
yes sorry my connection sucks so it takes forever to reply
okay no prob. you have all you need to do this problem, notice on the choices give they refer to to the triangles listed on the picture so now what we have to is look at if we use sin,cos or tan in these cases to solve
so should i use the sine table for this problem?
yes sin would be a good choice in this case.
k i have a chart...
so should i look for the tan numbers for each other numbers given
you can but in keep in mind what you are being asked for here.
do the top first triangle only, than we will worry about the bottom within this problem
i forgot about the angle.. that kinda looks like c = a * b
because we similar triangle here what do we know already about this?
the c=a times b is right
did you get it?
i hate this computer -.- yes i got it thanks :)
welcome any questions or are you fine now?
i think i got it for now lolz thanks a bunch :D
great have a great night :)
u too

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