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Last problem I need help with! :O It's having to do with finding the identity used in the solution. Please click attached

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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hi :)

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Other answers:

okay breakdown the problem in your own words
okay let's start with tan what do we tan is broken down?
we are working backwards to get to the answer here
:/ I actually don't really know
for example tanA= sinA/cosA= SinA/sinC/TanA/ TanB see that
look at the answers given and compare to what the problem there are clues there
you still here?
Yes, sorry. I'm still here! Umm... Let me check
They all have tan though :/
yes that is the point because tan is sin/cos
Yes but how will I know which one is the answer?
and cos^-1 is 1/cos and sin-1 is 1/sin
austra I am on the track here? I am rusty so I may be leaving a step out can you help ?
Fun, look at -arccos(3/5) and arcsin(5/13) as just numbers because that is what they are so set x = arcsin(5/13 and y = -arccos(3/5) and see the identity attached
note in respect to the image x and y are theta
well theta1 and theta2 respectively
Oh I see. To me, it looks like the first option is the correct choice
this problem is just about being able to look up trig identities I dont think you will ever have to memorize these unless you go into majoring mathematics even then I doubt you would ever have to
well there are some trig identites that are important to know but this one I do not believe is used very commonly in early mathematics courses
also im sure you can derive this instead of memorizing it but idk
hey charlie I was trying to backwards with you,because sometimes it is easier that way. I don't want to mess you up so please let me know .
you are adding in that identity though charlie so it wont be the same
@godorovg Oh, it's fine. I just didn't quite understand that way but I appreciate your help. @Australopithecus so... the third oone? I'm trying to match up
logically I would think so charlie
yes it is answer three
btw unrelated but do you love charlie day from its always sunny in Philadelphia
Thank you guys! I really appreciate your help!
or is that exclusive to all charlies
@Australopithecus Oh, no haha Charlie is my dog lol
lol funny
sorry I meant inclusive :)

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