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Can anyone give me an elaborate explanation about international market trade? What makes it work and such?
Economics - Financial Markets
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The edited volume “Trade and Employment: From Myths to Facts” is the outcome of a joint project of the European Commission and the International Labour Office. The book contributes to promoting the advancement of employment, decent work and social cohesion in developing countries by assisting policy makers and social partners in anticipating and addressing the effects of trade reforms on employment
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The term "international market trade" is a bit confusing as it might refer to something special in terms of some organization such as suggested by Abayomi. But international trade is considered good for all countries as it makes them wealthier despite the concern in many countries about jobs lost to outsourcing. This conclusion is based on the economic theory of "comparative advantage" which was first espoused by David Ricardo in England in the mid 1800s. YOu can find this term defined in Wikipedia or other sources. This concept of economics is what makes it work. wmw

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