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Given the string "WORDPROCESSING",write a program to read the string from the terminal and display the same in the following formats; (a)WORD PROCESSING (b)WORD PROCESSING (c)W.P

Computer Science
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anu do you need the code in C ??
ok give me a min

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Other answers:

#include #include void main() { char a[10],b[11]; // declaring two character arrays clrscr(); // clear screen printf("Enter the sentence:\n"); scanf("%4s%10s",a,b); // getting value from user (%s = datatype for string) printf("1)%s %s\n",a,b); printf("2)%s\n%s\n",a,b); printf("3)%.1s.%.1s",a,b); getche(); }
@anusha.p run the program and tell me if there are any errors
i can't run...since i don't have any software...for c.. i think it's correct...... just explain me the 3 rd one..annas
hey i can tell you of the IDE
you can use turbo C++
you want explanation for which line ?
i have turbo c actually...but it doesn't work properly.... 3rd one.. W.P
That solution is bad juice @annas - I can buffer overflow all in your bis-nass. :P
Little bit of buffer overflow, little bit of shellcode, and I've taken over your program.
I know that it involves some work with the substrings. Is it okay if I show it in Python? at all ok..@ParthKohli
Also, @annas walking the asker through the question instead of just providing the solution would be a better approach to this problem.
@anusha.p How long have you been coding in C?
Or I'd just tell you the concept. 1) Put a space between those two words by using substrings(I guess). 2) Isn't that the same? 3) Use substrings and concatenation.
I'm not the best at Computer Science, but that's my attempt at it.
i'm a beginner... @farmdawgnation
printf("3)%.1s.%.1s",a,b); %.1s will take the first value of the string for example if the string is hello then it will take h from the string
Got it. And, they asked you to be able to parse the string "WORDPROCESSING" with no spaces? Is that correct?
@farmdawgnation sire i m really sorry next time will ask first that what they have done. i'll not provide solution again
That's peculiar, but ok. So, you'll find annas's solution should work pretty well glancing over it, but I would advise you to step through the process of building out the solution yourself, if you can, using comments. Sometimes, if I'm stuck on a hard problem it helps to write in comments what my code is going to do and then fill in the actual code. Make sense?
stringgiven = "WORDPROCESSING" first_word_initial = stringgiven[0] second_word_initial = stringgiven[4] print(first_word_initial + "." + second_word_initial) Python, maybe.
So, I may start with... void main() { // Read string from the terminal } And then add additional comments in main until the entire behavior is specified.
Then go back and figure out what functions I need to actually implement that functionality.
main() { char s[20]; printf("enter the string"); scanf("%s,s); //then how to print WORD PROCESSING.?? @farmdawgnation
yes @anusha.p where do you need help ?
how to print WORD PROCESSING
printf("1)%s %s\n",a,b); this is the way to print "WORD PROCESSING" but it will work only if you get input in following format scanf("%4s%10s",a,b);
where a and b are two arrays (char type)
u should enter WORDPROCESSING as a single word....and u have to print it as...WORD PROCESSING....without using..a for WORD.. and b for PROCESSING..
let me think if i can get any other solution for your problem
yes i have got it.
hint: try to use for loop
for(j=0;j<14;j++) { if(j==4) printf(" "); printf("%c",word[j]); } understand ???
don't use loops. use %.4s.....or something like these only....:(
but this can only be done by loop. loop helps here to break the string into two parts
the final..answer is.......... #include #include void main() { char s[10],d[11]; clrscr(); printf("Enter the string: "); scanf("%4s%10s",s,d); printf("(a)%s %s\n",s,d); printf("(b)%s\n%s\n",s,d); printf("(c)%.1s.%.1s",s,d); getch(); }
u r right.. @annas
thank you :)

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