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alter-ego profile-changing bug! plot thickening...(updates, latest strangeness)

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that's a long name for a bug..
let its scientific name be alterus egoisis profilisis changingum
xD lol

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Other answers:

^indeed, lol so... I have more than one account on OS. When I was given a profile url for a specific user I clicked it (as TuringTest). When the window opened all of a sudden I was looking at it under my other profile name (which I will not divulge here) which is currently allowing me to have both profiles open at once. Seems like a strange fluke, but I though I should at least report it.
hmm i have never encountered a situation wherein im logged in as lgbasallote and then when i click on a profile url i suddenly become ladiesman123, mr.awesome, princeofwetlot, igbasallote, foolforgirls, anonymousxyz, ivoryknight, whydopeopleloveowlsomuch, and so many of my other dupes...that i dont remember who
....You have too many dupes that I think Turing might have a heart attack.. o_o
i think that was just a few..
@lgbasallote , you have 10% of accounts I have
I was using the other profile that I was switched into earlier. I have a few but it shifted me into the one I had been recently using, which I doubt is a coincidence.
xD I have NO doubts about that^
i have 5 or so accounts that i didnt mention because i had been keeping it secret from the mods...just in case i need back up accounts..
you can have multiple accounts so long as you are not doing it to game the system and avoid moderation, so you're okay lgb unlike some *cough* others that might be *cough* reading this...
Hm. Were you logged into your alter ego on the same day within a half hour of clicking the link as Turing test?
We're currently load balancing between two frontend servers, the only way that this makes sense is you got moved over to a different server with different session info. Hm. But then you still shouldn't have been dropped into a new account. Oh. Unless the link you clicked triggered an email verification for your alternate user? That would do it.
I was using the other profile within the same half hour. Hence I thought it a minor fluke. The email verification thing is hard for me to elaborate on, because the account because I 1) opened that account before we had email verification's. 2) I have recently changed my Gmail entirely and closed tho old account, so if the confirmation could still be activated on my dead account I don't know how. 3) I received and have no notice about a verification on my current email. Not that I think you were implying that I did necessarily, but I'm just trying to give you all the relevant info I can think of.
It happened to me again later though that day by the way when I was given the link to a group.
I was able to do it again intentionally just now by copying the url of a user profile, leaving back to the math board under the name TuringTest, and copying the url onto the address bar. It did, (as I sort of expected) open up my other profile again, which I have not used since yesterday.
Ok, so now, every day I can do the same thing. If I try to take a user's profile url and put it into the address bar, or if I access a profile normally, I stay in this profile. However when I click the link to a users profile from my *messages*, I become my other profile in that new window. Works every time.
It seems that so long as I click the link from my messages, it opens my other profile.
I am going to make a test:
yep, every time I click that profile link I become my other profile
Ah. haha. You've discovered the difference between and Different namespace for cookies. We used to have a redirect in place for that. We need to re-implement it. Thanks.
Hooray... I think so you can fix it now? (not that I want to lose this ability)
Haha, yeah, it's a server configuration thing. I'll see about getting it fixed.
Alright, we fixed it on the server. You're golden.
awwww, that's why my other profile stopped working :( blast your efficiency farm!

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