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I am learning Python and I need some help.

Computer Science
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I am taking an opencourseware to learn my first programing language, python. This is what I am trying to do: Now write a program that calculates the minimum fixed monthly payment needed in order pay off a credit card balance within 12 months. We will not be dealing with a minimum monthly payment rate. Take as raw_input() the following floating point numbers: 1. the outstanding balance on the credit card 2. annual interest rate as a decimal Print out the fixed minimum monthly payment, number of months (at most 12 and possibly less than 12) it takes to pay off the debt, and the balance (likely to be a negative number). Assume that the interest is compounded monthly according to the balance at the start of the month (before the payment for that month is made). The monthly payment must be a multiple of $10 and is the same for all months. Notice that it is possible for the balance to become negative using this payment scheme. Here is my code: Can someone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong?
I can help you, but right now I'm very tired and unable to think decently. I hope someone comes to help you if you're in a hurry. Anyway I could help you tomorrow morning after a great breakfast and a delicious coffe. Have a good night!
By the way, I'm don't program using Phyton but I think I could help you with the algorithm.

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Other answers:

It's not for a "class" so I have plenty of time. Just something that is driving me crazy :P
ok so I have now have this. hooray the program runs, but alas the answers aren't correct.
First, don't be afraid of variable names up to 31 characters long, AFAIK, all modern languages will accept them. A variable name like outstandingBalance will help document what you're doing (You won't have to write as many comments). Second, in a number of places, you're doing type conversions for no reason that I can see. As a very general rule, you only need to do type conversions for input and occasionally for output. The print (technically it's a function, and Python3 uses that syntax) function can handle different data types correctly. To me, it looks like you're using a trial and error approach. You're running different payments in the for loop. You're changing the value of ub in the for loop, and not resetting it after the test in the while statement.

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