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calculate the number of atoms in (a) 52 moles of He (b) 52 g of He (c) 52 u of He

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This site is not properly working for me.. So I did not get your messages...
oh .. :/

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Other answers:

so .. you know to do this ?
Let us try..
okay :)
1 mole of He = \(6.023 \times 10^{23} \) atoms of He
okay !
So find for 52..
okay .. i'll try :)
Mention my name here I want to check I am getting notifications or not..
No I am not getting any..
I am not able to see my Smart Score too and my username is written in red also no green..
blame the site :P
i wrote 52 its not seen
is it right to carry on ?
Yes you have to just multiply 52 with that Avagadro number.. What do you get on solving ??
Yes you are right have faith on yourself and carry on I am here to check your mistakes..
Oh wow playing hide and seek with me @ashna .. Where have you gone ???
One thing I want to say that your previous profile pic I like that than your this one..
b> part hint is : 52 g of He: 1 mole of He = 6.023 * 10^{23} atoms 4 g = 6.023 * 10^{23} atoms Solve it for 52 grams..
In third part I am not getting what is u there.. 52 u ??
@waterineyes lol you joke too
some problem with the net .. i said yu that b4 !
hey you turned green :P
what is u ?
okay i changed my profile picture .. atleast now come back :P
is u the atomic unit symbol or something ? am not exactly sure about it but in some part of my brain it is registerd like that !
water water everywhere nor any drop to drink .. n wen yu are not replayin .. i feel like sayn water water onlyn everytym but does not reply to my question :P
a) \(313.04 \times 10^{23}\) atoms b) \(78.299 \times 10^{23}\) atoms.
You have calculated them right @ashna Well Done..
Sorry my internet was creating problem at that time I was not getting any notifications also..
See @ashna : You know atomic mass of He is 4: So: 1 mole of He = \(6.023 \times 10^{23}\)atoms Or 4g = \(6.023 \times 10^{23}\)atoms Here it is 4g.. Look for g here..
Now I am explaining the third case that is 52 u.. There it was g(grams) and now it is u.. Helium has atomic mass of 4g. But if you write it as 4u, then it means 1 atom only.. I mean to say that 4u implies \(\color{red}{\text{One Atom of Helium}}\) Where as 4g implies \(\color{blue}{{6.023 \times 10^{23} \text{Atoms of Helium= 1 Mole of Helium..}}}\)
I give you other example: For Carbon the mass is 12. So: \(\color{green}{12g = 6.023 \times 10^{23} \text{Atoms of Carbon}}\) But: \(\color{magenta}{12u \implies \text{1 Atom of Carbon..}}\)
\(\color{navy}{\text{For third part now:}}\) \(\color{silver}{\text{Helium has atomic mass of 4..}}\) \(\color{cyan}{\mathcal{So:}}\) \(\color{magenta}{4u \implies \text{1 Atom of Helium..}}\) \(\color{pink}{\text{So,}}\) \(\color{orange}{\mathsf{52 u ~\;will~ \; contain ~\; how ~\; many ~\; atoms ??}}\)
\(\frak{\color{green}{\text{ashna},\color{blue}{\text{I suggest you to go through all you have studied about Mole Concept..}}}}\) \(\color{red}{\mathsf{Have \;a \;look \; on \; all \; the \;work..}}\) \(\color{green}{\text{How we solved each and every problem just go through once.}}\) \(\color{magenta}{\text{And if you have any doubt then let me know..}}\)
okay :) .. n loads of thanks for your help :)

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