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This needs to be addressed soon. Guys this is to help people with problems in areas of math,Chem Physics and other areas of study. I know most students on here are most likely students not in college yet. The issue here students are posting their questions and leaving the question open for a long times, also they aren't on-line when someone tries to help. Second issue most of the time you will see posters that will go ahead either A post the answer or B do the work for them. My question how are we helping the students when they aren't online? and by the same token giving answers?

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don't give them the answer then
I am not talking about me, I am talking the overall all posters. I just really care that we are doing what is best for the students on this board. That is the really reason I even bring this subject up at all.
in my opinion, if you try to devote an hour of your time trying to help them step-by-step but they are not interested to learn and just want an answer two possibilities will arise: a) they will just keep saying "ok" or just agree with you until you finally give them the answer b) they will ignore your trying to help and wait for other people to give the answer

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Other answers:

although i have seen some users who used to just come here for answers but ow are interested to actually learn
Understand plz I am only trying to see how to make this better for learning and throwing out this issue to see what the feedback is, there is nothing more than I love to help students like this in math. I LOVE THIS SITE and only want the best for all here.
there is actually a middle-ground solution that i usually do... posting examples. you demonstrate how to solve a given problem by using different sets of given values. usually works. after all, most people just dont know how to solve some things. when they see how to solve it, then they can udnerstand how to solve the problem already. plus it works even if they're just offline. just post a full solution of an example. that way, you can post while they're offline and it's not counted as giving answers
but still...if a person seriously has no intention of learning then no solution will work unless that person learns to learn
Can't debate that response.

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