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i m little bit confused here. if a electron beam having energy greater than ionization energy of an atom, is bombarded on the atoms. What will happen: only ionization or ionisation with so many different possible excitations.

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when electrons hit atom x rays will be produced.
I think only ionization will occur.
why can't it happen that only some of the energy is transfered to the electron, sufficient only for excitation.

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Other answers:

excitation will lose energy in the form of heat but only quantised energy states can ionize
@chmvijay means it get excited to another level, taking some energy of striking electron?
@celos do you know about the photoelectric effect?
but photoelectric effect is different from ionization.
it is also type of ionization............
ionization is for isolated atoms but photoelectric effect is for metals in solid state. right?
yaaa it may go to other excitation but without ionizing will come agin to ground state
ionization energy canot be isolated u cant find that keeping a single atom and passing the energy it will be done for bulk quanity then for individual atom it will be calculated
@chvijy you said, that excitation energy will convert into heat. But why not in radiation energy?
i mean separated atoms in gaseous form
after excitation it amay go in the other form of energy it may be heat , radiation but the energy involved for the excitation ois less than the energy required for the ionization
we can't say ionization is same as the photoelectric effect. BUT, if you ionize an atom then its electron will be removed for forever until they acquire electrons from somewhere else. IN photoelectric effect an electron is removed from the metal surface by light.
@chmvijay that's my question if more than ionisation energy is given to atoms in free state by bombarding a electron beam. is it possible that the some of the orbital electrons take only few energy required for transition to another state leading to excitation. and some orbital electron take some more energy required for the complete removal of the electron leading to ionization
yaaa you are right dude
this is what i also understand the chemistry

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