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Hey all! Just a note to say this study group will be used for the recently announced Mechanical MOOC course: It's all cool if you are studying Python on your own--the more the better--but thought you'd want to know.

MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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So it's not specifically for the MIT course it's named for?
It's not a site for MIT students enrolled at the Institute, but it is the official MIT OpenCourseWare site for the 6.189 materials on that site ( MIT OpenCourseWare in participating in the Mechanical MOOC course, which will use this site. But like I said above, the more the better, especially when it leads to helpful comments like yours.
So, this IS the right site for anyone taking the MIT OCW 6.189 course. Good. Welcome to anyone signing up through the Mechanical MOOC whatsit, the more the merrier :D

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Other answers:

As an interesting aside ... I just got the email from Open Study announcing the Mechanical MOOC initiative. Too bad you guys aren't starting till October. It sounds like it could be fun but I'll be well and truly done with this course by then.
So if I'm working my way through the course right now, I can post questions here? (This is my first time on OpenStudy.)
@Daeruin Yep, I'm working my way through it as well right now. Just finished Homework 1 as a matter of fact. Are you taking the January IAP 2011 version?
Mine says 2008. I downloaded everything a few weeks ago and have been slowly working through it. Did they update it recently or something?
They may have ... mine is the January 2009 version, but I just started the past week. I see the 2008 version there as well but I just picked what was newer.
MIT did publish a new version recently, and both are on the site. Either one is good, but the 2011 one is the one the MOOC (massive open online course) will be based on. RoamingBlue, even if you are done and gone, you might want to stop back in October--you'd be surprised how much you learn by teaching.
I see. Looking at the 2011 version now... It's much better organized. The 2008 version had no indication of what chapters and homework went with which lecture. I had to guess and reorganize it all. I think I'll download 2011 and start over!
@Daeruin The 2009 version seems to have a bit more comprehensive set of assignments to work through, though the 2008 version begins with stick figures which = pure win.
Grrr, I meant 2011 not 2009
Excellent. We'll aslo be using the new Python exercises over on Codecademy, if you havent seen those.
RoamingBlue, did you use any of the videos from 6.00 to help you out?
I don't use the videos ... nor do I read the book. Mainly because I am incredibly lazy and anything I need can be found on Google. I watched the first video then just started working problems and answering questions in 6.00. But, then again, I'm a programmer by trade and was just looking to learn Python, not how to program in general.
Fair enough. If there are any other resources out on the web you'd recommend, I'm sure the community would appreciate the tip. Happy Pythoning.
My main resource for Python is And, I've just been using for anything tricky. I haven't even had to ask a single question there 'cause any question I had was already asked and answered.
Non-python-related but wicked interesting is the coursera course on Algorithms. I'm taking that one too and it's tough enough that I actually have to watch the videos *grins*. I can't believe Sedgewick is actually personally teaching something open course, the man's a legend. It's not for the faint of heart, but if you know your calculus, I can't recommend it highly enough.
Great, that this study group is coming alive finally... can't wait to get started
i started the algorithms course but I couldn't continue. panicked! it looks so hard. haha! Lemme resign up and try again.
The algorithms course is wicked hard, but fascinating. Sedgewick assumes you just plain know math I'm sure I forgot over a decade ago :D
i have no idea what he's talking about.. I'm also doing an algorithm course on udacity. It's better explained.

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