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9(4x-4)=3(12x+7) when I worked t out i got just 57 no x my choices are all real numbers or set is empty which is it ?

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okay i can help you here if you on here?
i am here
how do I write this

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Other answers:

show me what you did with this 9(4x-4)=3(12x+7)
OK, here we go
work with just the nine ony
do this only 9(4x-4) I want to see your steps.
9(4x-4)=3(12x+7) 36x-4=36x+7 36x-4+4=36x+7+4 36x-36x=11 ok here is where I get lost because there is no x so is the answer real or empty
my bad i messed up
9(4x-4) is 36x-36
yes so what is x now?
36 ?
no .. try again hint we want X alone.
there is no x because 36x-36x is nothing
9*4=36 and 3*12 is 36
okay first off there are not two 36x-36x wrong. 9(4x-4) doesn't = 36x-36x no
36x-36 ?
LOL I feel so stupid
don't feel that way, sometimes i make little mistakes as well. we all learn in different ways.
yes I know I am a visual learner
yes that is okay.
now for the other side i got 36x+21
hey one thing is slow down and do the steps, don't skip ahead just some friendly advice
tootie you are correct with your solution the expansion is 36x - 36 = 36x + 21 subtract 36x from both sides and you get -36 = 21 no solution
yes that is 36x+21 now again how do we get x alone?
subtract 36x-36x
its basically saying y = 36x - 36 and y = 36x + 21 the lines are parallel ... so no intersection....
campbell yes are right about 36x-36x I wasn't at that point yet..
well tootie has actually has a correct piece of maths above... sorry...
so the solution set is empty. right?
I was walking through the steps campbell
correct... just practise expanding terms in brackets...
the expansion of the pronumeral was correct... its just the constant term you need to be aware of
thank you for taking me through the steps I was not sure if I worked it right Godorovg
tootie 149 I was going through the steps with you, and to make sure you understood what was going
empty is the answer
Thank you so much I needed to know I worked it right, and you did that thank you again
hope it helps...
oh no trouble at all..
in this case if there is no x, then the set is empty, if it's all real number, all real number would work with the equation.
right back at you I am a fan of yours now too. :)
tiffanymak could you give me an example of what you mean when it comes to real numbers
real numbers are 1,2,3 ,5 and so on
still lost when it comes to real numbers.
real numbers are like all kinds of number, rational, irrational, integer etc. just not complex number.
say: integer: - [infinite], -8, -7, -6,-5...0,1,2,3,4,5....., [infinite] these are real no.s
hey tootie look at this
sqrt 2, sqrt3, pi etc, are real numbers
yeah, and well that link too.
almost every kind of no.s are real, except for i, (which is sqrt(-1)) the imaginary number
Tootie what is the biggest problem in the class you are in??
there is so much I do not know where to start
okay I am guessing this college algbra right?
YOU got it
okay first off in this class I can find you videos where can get the basics by watching would that help you?
but the said part my daughter was doing this in the 6th grade here, and they make little remarks about it
yes that would be great!!!!!!!
Tootie here is a shock I taught myself math through videos on the internet.
really please give me the links.
a really good site would be the paul's notes
okay will back
paul's notes
I will be waiting Godorovg
tootie... have a look at Khan academy on youtube..or google Khan Academy... they have lots of videos explaining concepts
never heard of them
MIT has free online courses for tons of subject, i don't know about algebra but you can check out their site.
just looked it up thanks so much campbell_st
the MIT?
ok will look it up thanks so much, so much
tootie watch this video
that's the link
looking now will come back after i look at it
tootie it is the first part of this class
thanks to everyone for their help. really thanks
Always glad to help out :)
so, do you home study math?
yes and I am working on Physics and chem through MIT open course study right now. Plus Calc 1 and Cal2 as well
cool, i study through stanford.
I wish I could get in there.
can't now because I ran away to college when I wasn't ready GPA way too low.
me too, i'm only joining their for gifted child program, but still has two years to go till college.
yeah, funny thing is I didn't how I was gifted math either.
what's the difference between college and university?
Tiffany when I first took I couldn't get it and than day by day it started to make sense until now here I am.
nothing really expect for name . Now there two year and four colleges and University out there. It all depends on what you want to do in college?
also, depending on your major you could go on-line and get your degree.
i can't decide yet, math and literature is my life, but my parents wants me to be a lawyer, just to make sure i'll have enough to live by
Lawyers would be okay, only thing is you go to school for eight to nine years than have to past a test to become a lawyer.
i'll be so old by then :)
nah you are still pretty young I am guessing
nah, just old for starting to work
yeah it happens no big deal. I think most jobs want older people now a days
hey tootie what you think about the video?
Loved it godorvg and all of the other sites as well
Tootie I know in you can do this math, relax and take your time with things. Also, don;t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. There is nothing wrong in asking a questions
Tootie when watching these videos please take notes, it only helps you to learn the what is being taught.
Thank you I had no one until I found this site. I thank God for it and all of you
hey we are here to help you out. Please don't be afraid to send me a message and ask for help and you too Tiffany
Tiffany it is almost one in the morning here, must get some sleep talk with you latter.
good night godorovg
hay tiffanymak I have a word problem up can you take a look at it for me? please
yeah, feel free to ask

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