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Written rap, another one- I'm strugglin' to breathe, closed, scrawling on these walls no hope at all I think I stand up to these rappers, liftin' up a bar, and they think I'm a fanboy tryin' to rap so deep, I burn through em all, ashes in a heap its a reap the dark days are comin' get your tools and be prepared, these memories scarred up a horrible past to the past, please amnesiac sickness, I keep remembering it, I'm closed and forget this!

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I'm up in this fight club, the bell soon rings, give an uppercut to this lyrics, its gonna swing And no fear is what I'm givin up for, so prepare to lose, distracted, " OOH! You forgot to tie your shoe!" And all of these tricks tryin to play a mind game treachery by the fame and I'm fully out no forfeit, but I'm sick of you this whole game tried to cause it I'm done.
Nice job!

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Other answers:

ok ,bro juss to let you know im qick to start bustin,kill you n your crew in a battle,i already see you frontin,us teen rappers livin life like vroom,im ahead of this race all you hear is zoom..pause...resume,now we right back at it,lyrics addictive just ask that addict,i cnt sing so i turned to rappin,but if it wasnt rappin id be trappin
wow that's sick!^^^^^
we outcheaa in U town where your sure to hear some good music,you heard once now you cant rufuse it,im about to blow up like a bomb but you cant defuse it,call it 187 wass good boosie?sorry bro but i cant help it,im still outcheaa gettin wealthy.i been had the paper,i been had the stacks.3 years n i been had the rapps,so dont judge me like the honor.duval is where i reside,haters always messin around n catchin homocide,mii goons in back waitin fa signal to unload it,im puttin rappers out the game this is mii eviction notice....
lets battle???(:
We're not allowed to on OS.
And I dont really rap battle. Sorry.

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