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Benefits of learning the Classics? (Latin, Greek, etc.)

Language and Culture
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Just ome ideas - I'm no expert on the subject - It would be useful as they are the languages which most modern languages were developed from meaning it would be easier to learn/ understand a wide range of languages. It would also be useful for reading old papers and handy for scientific names in biology.
I learned Latin in high school. The benefit was that my vocabulary is phenominal. In college my roomate could spell but I wrote the best papers becuase I had a command of the English language that an English major...didn't even have.

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Other answers:

A widened vocabulary and also potential job opportunities!:)
Is it possible that you mean the writings of the Classic philosophers? The benefit of being able to understand their work is that one gains a greater awareness of their surroundings and fallacy in society. Ie, you're able to understand things better. :)
Thank you Wach, that is what I meant. I am greatly interested in philosophy but don't get the point of some of the older works. But understanding their impact on modern psychology and philosophy seems benificial so I will stick with it.
One benefit of learning greek and latin is that it actually helps you with Lnaguage Arts, Reading, and English classes! Can you believe that?! Remember when you were in Elementary School and your teacher would be like, "Okay this is the latin root of so and so, and this is the greek root of so and so.) Well, that is why it helps you! Thos are the two basic languages that help you in other languages like English, Spanish, and Roman.
The point is that, yes, as some have pointed out it helps to know the fundamentals of language, it makes it easier to understand the languages that were developed from the classics and of course it will help enhance the side of your mind that has to deal with languages, it keeps the mind sharp a great vocab is a plus as stated prior.
well for one it allows you to know another laguage, and it allows you to know more of the philopshy of the era, you learn about the history and the culture and today many mottos and phrssaes and words are in latin and grek, and a lot of words orriginate for mteh greek language

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