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can anyone write a program to print 1 11 121 1331 14641

Computer Science
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you mean pascal's triangle
what you 've written above is a part of pascal's triangle

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Other answers:

kk whatever it is just write a code to print that 1
could you give me full description of the assignment? A program that prints "that 1" coud be printf("1\n"); printf("11\n"); etc. if you want pascal's triangle it's a lot different (obviously)
kk if u think it is pascal thn write a code using for loop
i don't think you understand.I am willing to help you as much as i can and show you how to write it but i will not write it for you.Do you want to tell me your ideas on the problem?
kk say
yaar i just need a c code which will output as above i have mentioned
Before the code, there is the algorithmic concept.Without the algorithmic concept you cannot write code, not know, not ever. When someone gives you a problem you have to say: Do i understand the problem? If not i read it again What data structure should I use? What type of problem is it? How can i create an algorithm that solves the problem? and then you code. You still didn't tell me how are you planning to solve this one.
see i am trying to solve this problem by using for loops
i will give an example now
#include #include main() { int i,j,k=1,l; for(i=1;i<=4;i++) { for(j=3;j>=i;j--) { printf(" "); } for(l=1;l<=i;l++) { printf("%d ",k); k++; } printf("\n"); } getch(); }
this code will print 1 23 456 78910
i see.And this is why i told you the above.Do you know what pascal's triangle is?
now just writea code to print the question i have asked
Is this a command? What if i give you the code? what will you get out of it? nothing.You have to understand the problem before going around on the internet demanding to solve it for you.I will tell you that pascal's triangle is a triangle with many applications as it is used in binomial theorem.Each node of the triangle is constructed by adding the numbers which are above it.For example The first number is 1 in the next row the first number is 1 and the second is one too.In the third row the first number is 1 the second number is 1+1=2 and the third is 1.In the fourth the first one is 1 the second one 3 the third one 3 and the fourth one 1 again.So this way a triangle is constructed 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 1 As you might understand this can go on up to row N. Your problem wants you to create an algorithm which calculates pascal triangle up to row i. Any ideas how you can do that?
bcoz of not having idea i asked u
ok.What is important is that you now understand the problem.Since everything is clear i can proceed by explaining the solution to you :)
kk explain
The main concept is that you construct a 2D array of N rows and N columns.initially array[0][0]=1 and array[1][0]=array[1][1]=1 This is the base of our induction.Now for every row i>1 every array[i][0]=array[i][i]=1.For every column j>1 we have array[i][j]=array[i-1][j]+array[i-1][j-1] which means that we look on the row above and then we add the two neighbouring elements.That's how you can construct pascal's triangle.Try implementing the above idea to a language of your choice and if you get stuck i can help you (You 'd better write it in c or c++).
Of course for every j, 1
If you think you can't make it i can give you the code.Just make sure you'll study it.
kk give the code
If you want my opinion though you have to practice on algorithmical problem solving and programming so that you reach a level that you can solve most of the problems you come across.It's a good idea to start solving problems here and then proceed to more sophisticated stuff.Good luck ;)
#include #include #include int count=0; char arr1[20],arr2[20]; int main() { int j; arr1[0]=1; arr1[1]='\0'; int flag=3; for(j=3;j>=-1;j--) printf(" "); printf("1\n"); while(flag>=0) { for(j=3;j>=count;j--) printf(" "); arr2[0]=arr1[0]; arr2[strlen(arr1)]=arr1[strlen(arr1)-1]; for(j=1;j<=(strlen(arr1)-1);j++) arr2[j]=arr1[j]+arr1[j-1]; arr2[strlen(arr1)+1]='\0'; for(j=0;j
here is the code which outputs the pattren for my question@infi
good job.Now make it work for any number of rows provided by the user ;)
@shaik0124 In the future, please do not ask our users to just give you the answer. This is expressly against the Code of Condcut: Thanks.
who r u to say @farma n y i shouldn't ask users to give answer if i dont know.....?
The purpose of our site is for our users to teach you how to do the problems you don't understand, not to serve up the answer on a silver platter. As I mentioned, the Code of Conduct outlines that this site is for getting help, not answers.
hey dont over act,getting help is kinda same thing as knowing answers....i dont think that everyone will get solution of the question asked when some1 teaches how to solve that problem...see many teachers teach the concept but still students willl not b able to solve problems based on that concept.....understand urself first nnnnn dont b too intelligent every1 wil not b as intelligent as u......btw who r u to say this?if u r owner u should know everything well n if u know well then y u creating a debate here let us move peacefully n finally i will delete my account from this i don want u n ur explanation ok happy happy@farmda
@shaik0124 farmdawgnation is a moderator.Good morning..
i was about to delete my account from open study bcoz of offline of some users i am waiting once i complete my chat with them within few days i will delete@farmda
n who is this .....@online careers go out of here it between me n farmda u dont mingle here go n do ur work

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