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Hello guys! which programming language should I learn after PYTHON? Thanks.

MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
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I would guess it all depends on why you're learning programming in the first place. I'm going into computational linguistics, so the next language on my list is one of the languages used most often in that field (Java). What are your plans? Maybe someone with more experience can give a better answer than me.
Like @Daeruin says, it really depends on what you intend to do. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong learning the following, in any order: Python Java C C++ Perl HTML/CSS/JavaScript PHP Ruby (on Rails) Other things that'd be good to learn because in general, they'll just round out your knowledge. MATLAB/Octave -- if you're doing any intensive math work, these are super powerful SQL - being good with databases will be important for you, I promise git/mercurial/subversion - source control will save you from "#*$(& NOOOO I saved and lost my last version and botched the whole thing now it's going to take me 8 hours to redo the whole mess because I am really lame and had no backup" LaTex - because Word is for wusses
Why don't you try C# ? It's quite well documented,has an intuitive syntax and quite powerful features. Also,you can create interfaces for your software pretty easy ! And it's cross platform!!!

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Other answers:

I agree with the previous answers. It all depends what you are wanting to create. If your business needs are platform - C++ / C#/ C , webbased - Java , HTML/ CSS , Javascript. If you are looking at Mac then it would be Cocoa / IOS - Android is is based off Java. My son is an beginning programmer and asked the same question on where to start. He started this summerbreak with Java in 21 days. But I told him the same as above, ALL programming knowledge is good. However what dictates your next language might be what you are going to create or code for. I hope this helps
Lots. C++, Java, and others.

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