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people are no longer interested in reading newspapers...comment..

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cuz there are way too more enjoyable ways to get update like internet on iphone,mobiles etc but sill reading newspaper is a good habit hope it wont be stopped :(
It is more convenient and cheaper to access information online. Also, newspapers need to be discarded once in a while when they pile up... It is easier to navigate the news portal online to look for the article that you are interested in reading, compared to turning the dozens of pages before you reach the section that you are looking for.
the subscription of news in print declined, but this does not mean that journalism is declining or took a nose dive. it simply means that the delivery of news to people is evolving alongside with technology to fill the demands of people wanting to have the news at the tip of their fingers (literally, touchscreen technology). while this may be true, there are still significant subscription of news in print to date. it is where local news papers thrive. it may arouse interest further if this trend is compared to printed text books and books.

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Other answers:

FEWER papers, FEWER trees :)
^Very well said. :)
both eventually lead to global doom though
if only we can generate lightning from our fingertips
if you speak of actual foreseeable events such as the solar flare crippling our daily functions, then it would be wise to come up with ideas to protect our grids, telecommunications and fibre tunnels when such event strikes again :) for now, doom it is...
i was actually thinking of something less.............sophisticated
Well think about it. I can wait for tomorrow's newspaper to read today's news or I can hop online to a news website and get up to date stuff instantly. Plus why waste the paper?
I read the news paper EVERYDAY. People that don't are growing soft and falling prey to our ultimate corporate demise.
Newspapers once faced competition. To me, newspapers are not dying because print is, but because they became stagnant rags that no one cared about. It was not uncommon years ago for a town to have a both democratic and republican leaning paper, or one that focused more on the high-class and one on the lower. Scandals, greed, poor reporting and mismanagement lead to the closing of many competitive papers leaving people with only a monopoly for getting their news. People do not like monopolies. They used nightly news and now they use the internet to have two or more sources of information. Basically, newspapers killed themselves.
i love to read no matter what it is im usually up for reading it! i wish more liked to read. its so sad that a-lot of teen and some adults think reading is for "losers" when rally that's not the case that all!
I guess it depends. Even though I have a tablet, I find it convenient to also grab a paper and carry it with me on a train, bus, or a car trip where I might not be able to charge up, find it inconvenient to whip a device from my backpack, or where connection quality is nonexistent. In cases like that, having a paper on hand is nice. Papers can also give you a good sampling of the local flavor for an area, especially if you visit a spot in the world that isn't as connected as, say, the United States is. Sometimes bringing home a newspaper from a foreign country is not only a cheap souvenir but also an educational one in seeing what their writers are allowed - or not allowed - to say. But I also agree with what has been said above on the encroachment of online portals. Between CNN, Patch, the BBC, CBS, NBC, etc.., you can cover the entire globe for stories in the time it might take you to finish breakfast.

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