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Can Someone Please explain how to write an excellent news paper article, for the grade 10 literacy test. You can use this question as a guide line on page ---8--- You can see the best responses (40, 50 60) by scrolling down this pdf ( mid way)

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First 3-5 sentences should be a powerful opening argument, that should be followed by the vital information and important things that you will talk about. The next is the body, and should be 5-8 sentences. This will explain the information you presented at the start. The end should have a nice closing statement and sentences that summarizes up all the information.

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Other answers:

The most important thing to consider in this assignment are the annotations at the ends of 40, 50, and 60 because these tell you EXACTLY what the teacher(s) are looking for. After reading the articles and the annotations here is what you you should pay close attention to: 1. Stay focused on the event. Do not stray off on a tangent. Each sentence should be telling something about the snowstorm or whatever it is your article is about. 2. Include plenty of supporting details for your story, the more specific the details the better. in other words, 'twenty people were stranded' is better than 'many people were stranded.' 3. Use more than one quotation and make sure that the quotation counts. What I mean is carefully dot the article with quotations that add to the detail of the story. You may consider just writing a focused story at first, and then go back through it changing some of the details into quotations. 4. Make sure your organization is logical and that it flows. It should read like a news report. It may help to actually watch the nightly news just before starting your assignment. This will not only prepare you for how you should write your story, but will also get you in the mood to "report the news". 5. Finally the conclusion should not just tie everything together, but should come full circle to what you open the story with. For example, one student opens with, "Last December Ontario suffered at the hands of Mother Nature," and closed with "The people of Ontario really suffered the wrath of Mother Nature. Fortunately no one was hurt and no basements flooded." The teachers really liked that.
Here comes jagatuba to one-up people.
lol Not one-upping, just adding to an already excellent answer. :)
This assignment is a bit of a joke becuase newspapers AREN'T written for a 10th grade level and haven't been for quite some time. Most local papers register between a 5th and 7th grade level with only papers like the Wall St. Journel coming in anywhere near a 10th grade level. As long as you don't plagiarize, it may be good for you to look at the WSJ and mimic the style and tone of the paper. Enough times trying to make it sound as if it really belonged in the WSJ and using their manner of writing will help you develop your style.

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