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Release -- Aug 31, 2012 "Yakety Yak, Don't Talk Back"

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A little more new new for you all to marinate over while we cook up some tastier changes ;) Changelog: - Zen Mode for chats. You now have the ability to hide chat boxes. - Fix some issues with reply deletion. - Fix code block issues, especially in IEs. - Some added press on our press page. - Some backend debugging tools for diagnosing our server woes.
Hide Chat feature!
How does the chat come back?

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Other answers:

The hidden chats are all collapsed into the one "zen" tab on the rightmost (with the yin-yang). Open that up and select a chat to open it back up.
Thanks! Gotcha!
We've noticed one minor bug that's causing zen mode to not persist through screen refreshes. Looking into it now. :)
That's kinda cool. Great job.
\(\huge\mathsf{I\ LOVE\ ZEN\ MODE}\) \(\Huge{☯}\)
zen mode is amazing!!!
It would be appropriate @mattfeury if there existed an option to set zen mode as the default setting. That way I and other users who prefer zen mode won't have to continue re-setting it every time we log on to OS.
Yes that is the idea. The fact that it's not persisting is the same bug that Farmdawg referred to a few replies up. We're looking into the cause.

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